●Leave Me.●: Aria/Ezra ● Don't leave me now..., Aria/Ezra ● Don't leave me now.., TAEKOOK! AU ● "why did you leave me?", killian & emma ● take me or leave

●Leave Me.●

Obviously a AR (alternative reality) video! :p

Aria gets pregnant, Ezra throws her out. Aria is all alone, but decides to have her baby. Aria is struggling and not willing to let the doctors help her or her son, and is overcome by memories of her and Ezra. Cooper talks to her and makes her realize she's 'drowning'. Aria in the end lets go of the past, and focus on her son and their future.

"Just go..go.. now"
"I wanted to keep my baby. I had to leave. But we're good. I take care of us. I

[FMV] WATCH IN HD. (storyline below)
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I honestly am so bad at au's and it's definitely not my forte but i've always wanted...


when i first heard this song, i knew instantly that i was going to use it in my next video ♥

5x15 turned out to be perfect, our OTP is finally back and i couldn't be happier. i'm still not over that kiss scene ♥ anyway, hope you like it.
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YES! It's Stiles & Allison :D
Haha, this crossover was requested by missvamgrint22 (Jenna)
I hope you like it darling :)

I know my manips may not be the best, but I tried :D
I love this couple now so.... I may continue to vid them here and there ;)

(I tried to make it more HD, so.... maybe it is. I haven't seen it yet)

Song: Consequence by: The Notwist
Fandom: Stiles / Allison
Footage: Teen Wolf
Coloring by: istra4ever :D

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I love these kind of dramas like cute and touching. The story is heartwarming. Though everything and sad, but I still like it σ(^_^;)

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