Learn english idioms. Lesson 2: ★★★★★ Learning American English, Idioms. Lesson 2 - Get Your Act Together, BBC Learning English. Lesson 2 - Horse Idioms, Learn

Learn english idioms. Lesson 2

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It is well known that the idioms and proverbs, that are used very often in American English, can be "banana skins" on the way to the "perfect English". This English course will remove these "banana skins".
The course consists of 86 Lessons with a unique collection of 900 proverbs and phrases in American English to be explained slowly and clearly with limited vocabulary in plain English. The playback time is 5.5 hours

• To eat like a horse - Иметь волчий аппетит

• Straight from the horse's mouth - Из первых уст

• To flog a dead horse - Зря тратить силы

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Original Mouth Idioms Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWfHZkrA_Zg

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