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Learn English Listening Skills

Learn the key points on how to improve your listening comprehension when listening to native speakers of the English language.

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Многие люди, изучающие английский язык, сталкиваются с непреодолимой проблемой — они не понимают устной речи носителей английского языка.

В этом видео выявлены основные причины этой проблемы и предложеные способы её разрешения, и приводятся советы как улучшить ваше языковое восприятие и понимание устной речи носителей английского языка.
This lesson is about how to improve listening skills

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Learn the key points on how to improve your listening comprehension when listening to native speakers of the English-language - Rosetta Stone.
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Today I want to talk about improving your English listening. Or more particularly, how you can leverage your EMOTIONS in order to improve your English listening!

Now, this is basically a continuation from the lessons in my 'how to learn English email-course', so if you haven't seen that, check that out. You can find it on my website. I'll
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Learn English Listening Skills.

00:00 Hi, overyone.
00:42 Keywords:
00:44 - rice cake (n)
One of Lunar New Year's traditional dishes is rice cake.
00:56 -ingredient (n)
Shelly can't make a cake. She doesn't have all the ingredients.
Learn English listening skills with this exercise about danger in prisons.

The lesson starts with some vocabulary to teach you 2 words which will help you to understand the article. After giving you the questions, you will listen to the news article which is in a British English accent. I then give you the answers to the listening comprehension before playing the article one last time with the transcript. The transcript will help you learn the correct English pronunciation.

This video will help you improv
Read the transcript here: http://www.doingenglish.com/faq-how-can-i-develop-my-listening

Today's video is about improving your English listening skills.

I get asked about English listening a lot. But improving your listening skills is really easy! Just listen to a lot of English!

Got an questions about learning English? Leave them in the comments!


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This is Daily Dictation 1

Daily Dictation is an ESL channel on YouTube for people who want to improve their English listening skills. Each less...
English language learning tips from Cambridge English Language Assessment.

In this clip learn more about the listening test, content useful for all exams.

This collection of videos provides advice and tips for people studying English at different levels. From Preliminary to Proficiency there are support resources for everyone covering a range of themes.
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Dictation 245
Whenever you get discouraged go to the big picture--go back to that place of excitement--that's how you get through it.

Daily Dictation is an ESL/EFL channel on YouTube for people who want to improve their English listening skills. Various audio samples are used to teach the vast varieties of English pronunciation. The purpose of these videos is to
English speaking and Listening Practice - tips
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