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Учим иностранные языки и заряжаемся позитивом!
О пользе знаний языков
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We need to speak a lot, and that requires motivation to get over the initial hurdles.
In a world where English is the lingua franca, those of us in the Anglosphere often take for granted the value of multilingualism. Shubh Drhuv delves into socioeconomic and cultural benefits of linguistic knowledge in today's world.

Shubh Druhv, like many second-generation Americans, has been brought up in a multilingual household, fostering within him a love for many languages. Drhuv's exposure to many languages -- ranging from English to German to Gujarati -- inspires him to promote multilingualism for t
Have you ever tried to learn another language? Here are some handy tips to help you on your way.

Do you have any other language learning tips? Leave a comment below.
Hello! In this video I've decided to have a conversation with my great friend Dennis, who is also a polyglot. We spoke about different topics in this video, but mostly all of them are connected with a language learning. so Enjoy! I hope you will find it useful for you !

There are many reasons why you should learn a language. This video goes over four of them.

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A multilingual presentation of the "Speak from day 1" package, which explains everything I know about learning another language quickly: Speak it from day 1.

For some of my specific tips, make sure to check out my TEDx talk! http://www.speakfromday1.com/tedx

Sales of this package help me to blog and make all my other videos for free. While this is a pitch for the pr
Today I'd like to talk about the most common opinion people have towards language learning. It basically expresses one of the heaviest resistances in us learning a new language as we always think about the future use of it.

Learning a new language has both a functional and philosophical benefit. Not only does it help you embrace and understand a foreign country and its people, it also helps you grow as a person as you gain another perspective on life, esp. when learning a language with very different
Here is the first video following up on the introduction video posted for those that want to learn Russian.

Below is a link to Everything Russia. Learn Russian and much more, Russian literature, cinema, culture. Explore and save time.


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