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Le Cheval 2.1

деточка, все мы немножко лошади
каждый по - своему лошадь
надеюсь вам понтавится))
A humorous short about a man who just wants to be a horse. Most of us probably dream about being in the mountains, climbing like a god, but perhaps not all...A short piece of the absurd - don't blink! (Strictly speaking, not a UWE film at all, as it was made by some second year students in their summer holidays for the Depict competition, part of the Bristol Brief Encounters film festival. They won the first prize of £3000. Then Steve and Alex found themselves being invited to the Colorado Film Festival
режиссеры: Стивен Скотт Хэйвуд, Кирк Керклэнд
страна: Великобритания
год: 2010
Если бы я был лошадью...
'Le Cheval 2.1'
Dir. Alex Kirkland & Stephen Scott-Hayward / UK / 2003

The dreams of a man in a suit who desperately wants to be a horse.