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Laying it down

The Rubens official music video for "Lay It Down" starring Abby Cornish. Directed by Melvin J Montaban.

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“@nycl_joey laying it down in Southern California. film @jack_flosston”
Год выхода: 2001
Жанр: Христианский, семейный, драма
Режиссер: Michael Cargile
В ролях: Sean McEwen, Nathan Bell, Jacob Head, Francesca Caro, Lisa Cash, Rick Loya
“Guess what I release a new single tomorrow! (This isn't it though sorry) Lay me down tonight Don't look at me with your blue eyes You know I've never…”
From 1985's Invasion Of Your Privacy.

No ownership claimed. Strictly for amusement.
Music video for The Rubens. Shot with RED Epics in underwater housings with Duclos 11-16mm zoom + ultraprimes Director/Editor: Melvin J. Montalban Underwater Camera : Lee Kelly Produced by : Rickshaw Pix - Chloe Rickard & Dave Cain Colourist: Scott Maclean - Cutting Edge

I know you don't really know me
I know you don't really care to see me
I'm into total affection
Not being scared if you never please me

You know you really want to lay it down
Right now
And how
I know you really want to lay it down
Right now

Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down
"Lay It Down" (video) by Ratt
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Album: Invasion of Your Privacy
Year: 1985
Label: Atlantic Records

This official music video is copyright 1985 Atlantic Records. I do not claim ownership to this video or song. All rights reserved by copyright holders.

Vocals: Stephen Pearcy
Guitar: Warren DeMartini
Guitar: Robbin Crosby (RIP)
Bass: Juan Croucier
Drums: Bobby Blotzer

The lyrics (Demartini, Warren; Pearcy,
Band: Ratt
Song: Lay It Down
Album: Invasion of your Privacy
Year: 1985
Banda: Ratt
Canción: Lay it down
Álbum: Invasion Of Your Privacy
Año: 1985
RATT - Lay It Down (Official Music Video) HDTV
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Финальная тема Побега.Не смотреть тем, кто еще не досмотрел сериал до конца!
Official music video. Taken from the forthcoming album Living Thing. Directed by Sandra Fröberg

RATT - Lay It Down - Live in Osaka, Japan 15-2-1991 . Detonator Tour . Ratt's last concert with Robbin Crosby R.I.P.
Live check out more music here
Simon Gilman live from the garden
Поверь в Него - фильм, который произведет впечатление на вас и ваших друзей! В основу фильмаположена судьба двух братьев, Бэна и Пита, зарабатывающих деньги и славу участием в незаконных автомобильных гонках. Непревзойденность их как гонщиков не оставляет никаких шансов соперникам. Но настоящим шоком становиться для всех окружающих выбор Бэна следовать за Иисусом Христом. Ситуация становиться похожей на выбор между жизнью и смертью не только для его брата.

Видео группы:
Название: Поверь в Него
Оригинальное название: Lay it down
Год выхода: 2001
Жанр: Христианский, семейный, драма
Режиссер: Michael Cargile
В ролях: Sean McEwen, Nathan Bell, Jacob Head, Francesca Caro, Lisa Cash, Rick Loya

О фильме:
Поверь в Него-фильм , который произведет впечатление на вас и ваших друзей! В основу фильма положена судьба двух братьев,Бэна и Пита, зарабатывающих деньги и славу участием в незаконных автомобильных гонках.Непревзойденность их как гонщиков не оставляет никаких шансов соперникам.
Но настоящим шоком становиться для всех окружающих выбор Бэна следовать за Христом. Ситуация становиться похожей на выбор между жизнью и смертью не только для его брата.

Выпущено: USA
Продолжительность: 50 мин
Sail-Away Show shot by Thom_R at the Eurockéennes Festival 2009



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Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla - Sanctus Real performs "Lay It Down" LIVE in the K-LOVE studios!


I know you have your problems
‘Cause everybody's got ‘em
If you get lost in your sorrows
Then you could hit rock bottom
But if you smile in face of trivial things
And you learn to pray when you wanna complain
Stand up straight when the Earth is shaking
And just breathing when you feel afraid
Oh, don't y
Lil' Wayne cantando a música Lay It Down com as participações de Nicki Minaj e Cory Gunz que é do álbum I'm Not A Human Being II que vendeu cerca de 217 mil cópias na primeira semana e já vendeu mais de 290 mil em todo os Estados Unidos. Lay It Down é a décima sexta faixa desse álbum. OBS: "Eu continuo com esse ferro, você pode ser amarrotado", quando ele diz ferro ele se refere a uma pistola, mas pode se referi à um ferro de passar roupa, se ele usar contra você, você pode ficar amarrotado. "Eles dizem que
Медленный репчик с акцентом. Совершенно без слэнга. понятный всем.
А самое главное- телки в их клипах!!!
454 Life Entertainment presents the video for Lloyd's "Lay It Down" Remix by IZ, Lil Crazed, J. Reyez, Thai Viet G, & Tommy C. Directed by GINOROCKS of 454 Films!

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Live at Ferg's Sports Bar in St. Petersburg, Florida

David Leung Choreography - (DUO crew)

Thank you for watching, Dont know why but I got weird feelings by putting out this video... since theres alot of others killing this song. hope you like, and dont hate... But haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love... ok...... ok...... enjoy [;)] ! much Love from meeee weee
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Prison Break WAS a drama television series created by Paul Scheuring.

Main Characters in the Final Break: Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), Sara Tancredi, Lincoln Burrows, Fernando Sucre, Agent Mahone, Gretchin Morgan, T-Bag, The General.

As we now sadly no, Michael J Scofield was killed in the last episode. He electricuted himself in order to save Sara Tancredi and his unborn son Michael. It ws later found out through medical records that he was going to die in the not so distant future.

Rest In Peace Michael Scofield

・Guitar / Charvel model-2
 Pickup / J-90c
・Effects&Audio IF / ZOOM G2.1Nu
・DAW / Cubase LE5
Hope you all enjoy! :)
I was listening to Aerosmith songs on YouTube, when I heard this one and thought that it needed a music video. I believe that if this song had a music video instead of Girls Of Summer, it would have been equally, or more popular. I used parts from Aerosmith's music videos; Amazing, Crazy, Cryin', and Girls Of Summer to make the video. Enjoy, and please comment and subscribe!

Yo estaba escuchando las canciones de Aerosmith en YouTube, cuando me enteré de éste y pensó que necesitaba un vídeo musical. Creo
Если в твоём сердце есть мечты,
Почему бы нам с тобой не разделить их?
А если мечты вдруг не сбудутся,
Я позабочусь о том, чтобы твои кошмары ушли.

Если в твоём сердце боль,
Почему бы нам с тобой не разделить её?
Мы просто подождём и увидим,
Что боли стало вдвое меньше, чем было.

Отпусти её медленно,
Отпусти её свободно,
Просто отпусти её,
Отдай её мне.

Если в твоём сердце любовь,
Почему бы тебе не соединить её с моей?
Я не могу пообещать тебе чудо,
Но я всегда буду пытаться.

Отпусти её медленно
Jaci Velasquez - Lay it down tijdens Symphony of Life 2013 van de EO in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Jaci velasquez Lay It Down live at Symphony of Life 2013 Netherlands
Jaci Velasquez -- Lay It down tijdens Symhony of Life 2013 van de EO in Jaarbeurs Utecht.
Jaci Velasquez Lay it down en vivo en Symphony of Life 2013 desde Holanda con subtitulos en español
Music video by Lloyd performing Lay It Down. (C) 2011 Young Goldie/Zone4/Interscope Records
Directed by Motion Family

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The Hottest R&B & Hip-Hop Tracks&Videos
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Hey fans of MamaMoo!
Here is a vocal/dance cover by Whee In!

Song: Lay It Down by Lloyd
Choreography: Sh**t Kingz

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From a unsigned Australian who understands the true value of echoing drum tracks and organ-y untertones. Joining up in February of this year, their hotly-anticipated (by me, at least) debut album should be out pretty soon. Check 'em out on Facebook (, I'm sure likes make their toes tingle.

The self-titled LP "The Rubens" should be out on iTunes in September:
Поверь в Него / Lay it down (2001) DVDRip<br/><br/>
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This piece was just for fun on cold rainy night. Enjoy!
This is the ending of the famous serie PRISON BREAK. Song title : spiritualized - lay it down slow
tragedic and really sad .

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album: Predator
song: Lay It Down
year: 1996

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80's heavy metal guitar lessons - Ratt - Lay it Down - hard rock guitar lessons system power prog electric "system down" going falling chop doors hill stairs "going down" upside "falling down" jamming acoustic drums "solo guitar" "electric guitar" "acoustic guitar" chords "blues rock" cover bass band "guitar cover"

Whether you like the ending or not, this is one of the greatest TV series ever. This song perfectly matches the theme of the show. Enjoy!
Up at Skril Headquarters with Sonny, Dan Sena and Endless Hallway dudes laying down the huge gang vocal on the chorus. Go big or go home! listen here

Lyrics to Lioyd-Lay It Down Part II(A Tribute To Legends)
Lee Ritenour - Guitar
Sonny Emory - Drums
Jesse Milner - Keys
Melvin Davis - Bass

Live at Peter's Players in Gravenhurst (Muskoka) Ontario Canada. One of the most intimate places to see top name artists up close and personal like!

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I re-sampled this beat from this one
all props to him/her...

download link-

Changed the tempo, added reverb, changed the pitch, gave it a bass boost, and other stuff ENJOY!

On fruity loops 10

Music video by Lloyd performing Lay It Down. (C) 2011 Young Goldie/Zone4/Interscope Records
Fleetwood Mac - Moses Lay it all down 1971

Let me retell
A story of old
About a man named moses
Who lived long ago
He prophicied good
He prophicied bad
And now that prophecy's
Coming to pass

Let all your sons, and your daughters
Of the golden calf
Lay down your burden of sorrow
Lay down your burden of hurt
Lay it all down, for paradise here on earth
Matty performs "SHE LAYS DOWN" for the first time on this special night. As he says in the video, this song is about his Mum, Denise. Throughout the concert he kept mentioning how special this night and this venue were. They've come a long way from playing the clubs in the UK to a handfull of fans . Fans all over the world are just absolutely in awe of their talent.

MAY 2, 2016 Amazing performance by THE 1975! at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver Colorado. The venue was absolutely breathtaking! D
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Tales Ov A Horror Flick [1995][Memphis,Tn][Spook-G Remaster]

Unfortunately no backing track, guitar only.
Song title: Lay It Down
Artist: Lloyd
Location: Poland (Krakow) Fair Play Dance Camp
Choreography: Ian Eastwood
Performed by:
1st clip ian Eastwood solo
2nd clip Simba Fp2, Brian Puspos, Quick Crew

Fair Play Dance Camp 2011 Poland

Un clip vidéo sur GTA Online des "Shine Thugz" réaliser sur PS3
Music Original: (Freddie Gibbs - Lay it Down)

Nous rejoindre :
REACT is Europe's most-talked-about streetdance festival involving international championships & battles, showcases & theatre pieces, conferences, workshops, networking activities, afterparties and sunset meetings by the Mediterranean Sea. More than 2.500 artists are taking part each Summer in Alicante, Spain. Do not miss #REACT2013 !

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Video: @weki
This is a side project, I've been working on for a while. Basically a video, focusing on Solid Snake's story and mission throughout Metal Gear Solid 4. The video itself is pretty straight forward, without too many effects but only fades, dissolves and cuts. The point is, that a video can still be solid, even if only basic tools were used in the right places.

Originally, this video was supposed to be about the most iconic characters in Metal Gear saga, and about their story and tragedy. The reason why
The Rubens live at The Olsen, Melbourne. Filmed by Tooth & Claw.
"My Gun" and "Lay It Down" taken from The Rubens' self-titled album - out now.

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Lil Wayne - I Am Not A Human Being 2


02. Curtains f. Boo
03. Days And Days f. 2 Chainz
04. Gunwalk f. Gudda Gudda
05. No Worries f. Detail
06. Back To You
07. Trigger F<br/><br/>
JAM Magazine captures Stephen Pearcy the Voice of RATT live at TREES in Dallas, Texas on August 4, 2014. Filmed by JAM Magazine.

Matt Schofield and his band gained three awards in the inaugural BRITISH BLUES AWARDS.
Matt is GUITARIST OF THE YEAR and Heads, Tails & Aces is ALBUM OF THE YEAR.


Thanks to everyone who voted for Matt and Jonny!

This was the highlight in Gaildorf !!!!!
It`s time for the Legendary Rhythm and Bluescruise!
From his great album "Heads, Tails, & Aces " Nugene Records
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This is a music from the Winx Mission Enchantix game. I hope you like it!
I don't own these songs! It belongs to 4kids Entertainment, Rainbow Sp.A, Konami, PowerHead Games and Nintendo.


Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copryrigt Act of 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purpose such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational o
lay it down riff and solo lesson with guitar instructor Ethan Lee.
onscreen synced highlighted guitar tabs for fun and easy learning.
if you have a favourite song or solo you want me to teach - you can send a request
via my email - and i'll do my best to upload it.

keep on rockin' !!
Ethan Lee
I Lay It All Down by Morris Chapman
I Worship You Almighty God by Sondra Corbett

vox: Joshua Woods
vox/flute: Vanessa Daubman
vox: Andrew Ryan
vox: Becca Chin-Yee
violin: Brianna Walden
agt: Jeff Abyad
bass: Erik Vonderhaar
keys: Nicole Hudgens
drums: Josh Beverly
This is from The Wire Season 2, Episode 3 - Hot Shots

I do not own any of this material
Исполнитель: Ratt
Жанр: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Glam Metal
Lay It Down, Stephen Pearcy (Lead Singer of Ratt), Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland; April 30th, 2016; M3 Festival
#LeeRitenour #LayItDown #video #АфишаFM #AfishaFM
#РадиоЭрмитаж #Спб
Live at Jazz San Javier, Espana - 1 July 2011.

Lee Ritenour - guitar
Dave Grusin - keyboards
Melvin Davis - bass
Sonny Emory - drums

See Claude VonStroke from 10:30 - 12:00 PM on the Beatport Stage at Movement on May 24th, Hart Plaza - Detroit, MI.

More Info Here:

Stay Tuned for more info on the dirtybird BBQ Detroit // August 31, 2014 @ Masonic Temple.

Directed by: Emily Swank //
Music: Claude VonStroke - Lay It Down Re-Smoked feat. DJ Nehpets
amantha & her band pull into Don Odells Legends Studios on a Sunday afternoon late March between between shows at Bull Run & Chans. 3 shows in 24 hrs!! Seen here playing Lay It Down from her latest effort "Black Wind Howling' .Please check out other shows by Walter Trout, Royal Southern Brotherhood,Mike Zito, Jimmy Thackery, Joe Louis Walker, Walter Trout and many more and by subscribing you can be automatically notified of new videos when uploaded.Audio recorded and mixed by Jayce De Santis of Soundstrea

Live at The Pool Deck, Monsters of Rock Cruise
Oct. 1, 2016
Music video for Lay It Down ft. Famsquad & C Rich performed by Thoth Set.

Copyright (C) 2015 KEEYNOTE.
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Written by Will Reagan, Brandon Hampton, Lindy Conant © 2016 Lindy Conant, LLC in partnership with RMA & United Pursuit Music.
Every Nation, the live worship album debut from Lindy Conant & the Circuit Riders
Out Now!
Title: M I X
Style: Hybrid Trap
Track: Aazar – Lay it Down
by Werterx [Record FM]
Valo introduces Dan Stirling. Testing his new skates until the clouds clear in a park near Brighton Edit: Ryan Gillett


Filmed by : INDIGO $LIM

Edited by : CA$HRINA

Hosted by: HAUNTXR

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Rocky Diamonds (Prod. by Cardo) - "Lay It Down 2k13"

Available on Rocky Diamonds mixtape "Artofficial":

Other ways to connect with Rocky:
"Lay It Down" by Lil Wayne official choreography by WilldaBeast Adams. Shot / Edited by Brazil (@directorbrazil)
Dancers: Josh Killacky, Nathan Maas, Jake Deanda, Jake Landgrebe, WilldaBeast Adams
They Shoot Music - Don't They video / Peter Bjorn And John play a special acoustic session at Funkhaus in Vienna, Austria in June 2009 / see more videos on

It has just not been a very good stretch for officials lately. On Thursday, Brendan Smith was caught possibly puck-watching and ended up laying a perfect open-ice check, except it was on an unsuspecting referee.
Bounce Factory presents:

S**t Kingz Class @ iDanceCamp 2012
+ Selected Group: Ian Eastwood - Brian Puspos - Jun Quemado - Parris Goebel

Song: Lay it down - Lloyd

Rome - Italy


Lay It Down live turnt up the Grand. Review and interview with DJ Kelo at
Tuerck’d Season 3, Ep. 6: Professional Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck continues his semi-destructive tour of Europe! In this episode, Tuerck meets up with the Fail Crew at Laitse Rally Park in Estonia for the Drift Allstars GP. The Fail Crew hook Tuerck up with a loaner S13 built by HGK Motorsports for the competition which Tuerck finesses through the qualifying rounds all the way to an insane final showdown against Harold Valdma! Watch to see whether he wins or gets Tuerck'd! We also get a look at an epi
RATT - Lat It Down
1/12/89 Tokyo, Japan
Warren playing a sweet solo. The drum and bass gives it a nice soulful feel to the solo.<br/><br/>