Lahore: Shahid Afridi's Restaurant "Splice" Opening In Lahore 20/02/2013, Лахор (2010) | Lahore, Между Дели и Лахором (2014) | Kya Dilli Kya Lahore, Между Дели


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Заканчивается формирование индийской команды кикбоксёров. Коррумпированный министр Редди хочет, чтобы в состав команды включили его любимца, однако тренер С.К. Рао предпочитает более способного боксёра. Вирендра мечтает стать игроком в крикет, но после гибели брата становится кикбоксёром и успешно выступает в соревнованиях.
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История двух солдат соседних враждебных государств, которые, забыв о языке пуль, учатся говорить на языке любви. Самартх — беженец. Он переехал в Индию на постоянное место жительства из Лахора, где прожил 35 лет. Али Рахмат — мухаджир (
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"Мир Индийского кино" / Bollywood
01 Prem Joshua- Lahore Connection I (The Namaskar Mudra)

Lisa Ahmad in Lahore Pakistan
Watch the video «Aleem Khan addresses PTI rally in Lahore» uploaded by ARY NEWS on Dailymotion.
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Beautifully decorated wedding/marriage Car 24 July 2008 Lahore Pakistan

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Wazir Khan Mosque was built in 1642 in lahore Pakistan.. Shot with a Gopro 3+ Black
Pakistani Weddings Lahore wedding pakistani wedding pakistani fashion

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Auto Show presented by Pakwheel at Lahore, Pakistan
Представительница Хорватии на Евровидении 2011
Lahore is amazing
Introducing Lahore. Known as the Heart of Pakistan because of its huge cultural value to our country.

Lahori girlz r sho shweet and freindlyyyy likin Karachi ki larkian= No Lift :(

Karachi ki larkian kuch seekho lahore ki larkiyon sey. :p
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Qari Abdul Basit Lahore Pakistan
Фестиваль воздушных змеев в Пакистане @AsifaLahore
A dancer from Belarus performing at Oasis Aqua & Golf Resort in Lahore. Thou I Don't know the song but we loved her movement on this song. The best dance that i've seen so far.

If anyone knows what song this is - do let us know! Thanks<br/><br/>
3.11.2015 в аэропорту Lahore-Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE/OPLA), Pakistan, произошел авиаинцидент с Боингом 737-400 рег.номер: AP-BJO выполняющего рейс: NL142
Во время посадки оторвалась правая основная стойка шасси.
на борту находилось 112 пассажиров и 7 членов экипажа.
Никто не пострадал.

#B737 #Боинг #Boing #авиаинцидент #самолет #Pakistan #Пакистан #NL142 #AP-BJO #OPLA #LHE [club221891|Aviation Fan]
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Full Film
waziristan attan in lahore shopping mall. must watch it.
ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО ПОДПИШИТЕСЬ НА | Geo News Headlines 28 January 2015 - Geo News Headlines Today 28 January 2015 - Geo Headlines 28 January 2015 - Geo Headlines Today 28 January 2015 - Geo News Headlines Today 12am ...
Kalbelia Dance Live at Lahore 25th World Performinga Arts Festival 2008

Год выпуска: 2005
Жанр: Опера
Выпущено: Dynamic Srl
Режиссер: Арно Бернар
В ролях: Джузеппе Джипали, Анна Мария Санчес, Владимир Стоянов, Федерико Саччи, Кристина Согмайстер, Риккардо Согмайстер, Риккардо Дзанеллато, Карло Агостини
Alim - Giuseppe Gipali
Scindia - Vladimir Stoyanov
Timour - Riccardo Zanellato
Sita - Ana Maria Sanchez
Indra - Federico Sacchi
Kaled - Cristina Sogmaister
Orchestra e Coro del Teatro La Fenice
Дирижёр: Marcello Viotti
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this is the video of badshahi masjid lahore... 5th largest in the world, 2nd largest in pakistan after faisal masjid in islamabad...
1965 Indian Attack Lahore - 1965 War Documentary - Pakistan,India
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See you tomorrow, 10th' of April in Lahore at Beconhouse National University to roack the stage!
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Watch our weekly news video. This week's video is: Lahore Walled City . Things are changing in the ancient Walled City of Lahore. Take a closer look with Video Words in the News.
Lahore Sozo Park Girl Leaked Video
Dengue Team is ready to servery in area Shahlimar town. There task is elimination the larva in all houses of Shahlimar town and clean up the vast water.
It is the very first of my duty for the supervision of the Dangue Team Shahlimar town Lahore. I am filming my team every activity for memorizing for my best official days work. Now my task is gather the Team and check every person attendance and meet with CDC officer and decided the area that our Team will be servery and inspected with there special tools for Dangue larva elimination procedure that called (larve settings).
World famous Alsheikh Alqari Syed Sadaqat Ali Shah (pupil of Alqari Alsheikh Abdul-Baset Abdussamed late) saying the words of Allah Almighty in his sweet voice in an International Mehfil-e-Qirat held in Alhamra haal Lahore 2010.
Auto Show @Lahore, Pakistan
Gadaye Dare Batool (s.a) Ravi Road (Lahore Party) New Noha 2015
At 18 Ghosia Colony Haider Street Wadat Road Iqbal Town Lahore
From Massenet's opera. Recorded in 1932.

Una rarissima incisione del celeberrimo baritono Antonio Cotogni, all'età di 77 ANNI!!!!
L'incisione "O casto fior" da Le Roi di Lahore è del 1908.
Cotogni nasce il 1 agosto 1831 a Roma e qui vi muore povero e dimenticato il 15 ottobre 1918.
La voce di A. Cotogni è stata una delle più belle che siano mai esistite. Estesa dal la naturale basso al si naturale acuto, fu giudicata come la voce-tipo del baritono.

A Passy lo stesso Rossini , già vecchio e malandato, volle sentirlo.
La cavatina di Figaro ve
The wait is over!! Here is our Eid present to all Pakistanis from Karachi Se Lahore, Presenting the much awaited song “Aaja Re Aaja” from Karachi se Lahore
Song: Aaja Re Aaja
Movie: Karachi Se Lahore
Artist: Sur Darvesh
Editor: Hasan Ali Khan
POST: ET Studios
Produced by: Showcase Films
Directed by: Wajahat Rauf

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Extrait de la formation du mouvement de l'âme au souffle de l'esprit. Formation de Constellations Familiales et Systémiques de la Libre Université du Samadeva<br/><br/>
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Indus Yoga Health Club for ladies
78 F Model Town near club chowk Lahore.
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Akcent performing i'm sorry live in Lahore!! :)
Cycle Wheeling in lahore
remixed by Naweed | Rive 10.
taken from the forthcoming remix album " Depeche Mode - Under Construction Too "
album version might be a little different.
jashan e baharan concert in lahore at Alhamra qadafi stadium performing classical dhol
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JO DIKHTE HO - 08:58

Kya Dilli Kya Lahore is a satire on Indo-Pak relationship and narrates a humorous yet emotional story of a bond formed between an Indian and a Pakistani soldier stationed at the Indo Pak border.

Song Details:

Lyrics: GULZAR
Music on T-SERIES

Singer: PAPON
Music Directo
Lahore BRT Design Simulation

For more details Visit:
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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Blast on Punjab Goverment on Orange Train project on Rahim yar Khan .... Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Ka Takhte Lahore ke Khilaf Bagwat ka ilan
From the Album Mysterious Asia Lounge - Toires - Lahore Connection
First Time Ever IT WAS A Snowfall or hailstorm in lahore (PAKISTAN)
On 26 Feb 2011 Exclusive at approximately 5:30 PM Heavy Snowfall first time in Lahore part 3
First Time Ever Snowfall/hailstorm in LAHORE (PAKISTAN) - Lahore Main Barafbari
Pehli Bar Lahore Main Baraf Bari ka Imkan hua Hai ur wo bi 50 Saal Bad
Baraf hi Baraf
Snowfall in Lahore, Snowfall in lahore, Snowfall lahore, snowfall first time in lahore, lahore Snowfall, snowfall exclusive, Barafbari, Baraf Baari Lahore Main, Lahore Murree, SnowFal Muree, Snowfall Kashmir, Snowfall Lahore, 26th feb 2011,
Heavy Snowfall first time in Lahore after 50 Years Part 1 - Lahore Main Barafabari Pehli Bar
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The great Italian baritone Mattia Battistini (1856-1928), popularly known as "The King of the Baritones" and "The Glory of Italy", in Scindia's aria, "O chaste fleur" (sung here in Italian as "O castor fior") from Massenet's Le Roi de Lahore (The King of Lahore). The recording was made in June 1921 for HMV.

Pictures 1, 2 and 4 of Battistini featured in this video, belonging to the Jacques Chuilon collection, originate from: Jacques Chuilon, Mattia Battistini: King of Baritones and Baritone of King
Upload By
Akcent Show With A Plus In Lahore...............
♫ enjoy this wonderful dreamy tune by Shaun Ansari ♫

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Ferhat KANTIK 1987 Manisa doğumlu.
-İlköğretim sürecinde, tüm hobbyleri okulundaki
Nahid Siddiqui Ji at the Lahore Literary Festival 2014
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LAHORE KANTIK is Coming...
KANTIK - 23 July 2016 LAHORE TomorrowLand Event
Organized by
Mian Usman & Haseeb Jutt: 03218841300
Haider Ali, Ahmed Khokhar

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Akcent Show With A Plus In Lahore...............
Lahore is a busy metropolitan city that's full of life and culture. It is the second largest city in Pakistan and the cultural capital, with a population of over 10 million people. The streets are clean, the roads are in good condition, and the people friendly and welcoming. Unfortunately in recent times there have been major security concerns, and this is evident by the number of security personnel around the streets.
Cricket ICL Edelweiss T20 Challenge 2008
Lahore Badshahs Vs Mumbai Champs on 21 March 2008 @ Chandigarh mumbai innings part 6 of 6
visit for all live events and High quality ICL T20 and all International ODIs Videos!!
Balonlu güvercinler Reverse Wing Pouter pigeons, Jacobin, Bokhara, Lahore M.H. Mantar Ankara/Turkey
for more log on to
it kept disassembling and reassembling for about an hour

More from Telegraph fashion:

Designer Mohsin Ali talks to Hilary about his inspiration behind his colourful collection

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Baba Shah Jamal (R.A) Lahore
Pictures of different famous places in Lahore
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Arabic trap arabic music for car TRAP ethtrap Ethnic evil hard bass boosted
Хорватия 2011
Berlin - LAHORE
Play and Must wath
Panjabi Hot Girl Dancing in Wedding Pary at Lahore

Panjabi gujranwala desi hot dancing mujra girls are very famous in Lahore Pakistan

Pakistani Private dance on Shaadi in Lahore. Very hot desi beautiful girls nice dancer.
Тут еще много интересного -
A clip from Taqwacore of a raucous gig in Lahore, at apartment building next to mosque.

For more info, visit
Akcent live in Lahore 2016 #lovetheshowtour
A drone view of Wazir Khan Mosque Lahore, Pakistan Historical&Attrective place ever...HD
Contact: 0333-4416544

lahore metro bus system
3.11.2015 Посадки Боинга 737-400 рег.номер: AP-BJO рейс: NL142 в аэропорту Lahore-Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE/OPLA), Pakistan.
Во время посадки оторвалась правая основная стойка шасси.
на борту находилось 112 пассажиров и 7 членов экипажа. Никто не пострадал
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A small set of short phrases, spoken by different inhabitants of Pakistani town - Lahore. It is a shortcut of their interview.
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Lions belongs to Lahori pehelwan (wrestler)
Fantastic fusion! Great track. Listen to it at least once, and you will fall for it.

dancing of wolves
Walled City Lahore Has 12 Gates. 13th Mori

1. Raushnai Gate
2. Kashmiri Gate
3. Sheranwalla Gate ALSO CALLED . ( Khizri Gate)
4 The Yakki
5. Dehli Gate
6. Akbari Gate
8. Mochi Gate
9. Shah 'Almi Gate
10. Lahori Gate
12.Bhatti Gate
13 T Mori Gate
Lahore Call Girls Interview Part 4-Zubair Qidwai

Лицо у девушки очень красивое.
Результаты поиска по запросу "пакистан видео" в Яндекс.Видео
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10 days Pakistan : 01-Lahore Gowal Mandi (Food Street)
Auto Show Held in LAHORE , PAKISTAN 2015
Singer Shakira in Lahore Pakistan
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Kya Dilli Kya Lahore, which talks about a unique bond between an Indian and a Pakistani soldier stationed at the Indo-Pakistani border was unveiled at the Wagah border on the night of August 14, 2012. Coming soon at a theater near you.

Copyright - Picture Thoughts Production, Mumbai - India
Jules Massenet - LE ROI DE LAHORE - "Promesse de mon avenir" - disco Brunswick matrice XE18621 - numero di catalogo 50082 - data dell'incisione 5.4.1926.

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Что же происходит ночью Лахоре?