Lady Rarity (feat. DJ Shamrock) смотреть онлайн

Lady Rarity (feat. DJ Shamrock)

New Song woo!

This is that Grimdark Rarity song I was talking about a while back. A big thank you to DJ Shamrock for providing the singing.

The song is sung from the protagonist's point of view. The story is about how he was searching for "Lady Rarity" who he believes to be a vampire from centuries ago. He wants to be with her and thus she makes him a vampire/vampony? Then he sees that she's an evil nut and conclusively forces both her and himself into a church (hallowed ground) so that they can die.
Epic right? lol this story is sooo tired at this point hehehe.

So, the falsetto singing at the end was to signify pain and I used the distortion to indicate them burning away. Just so ya'll know.
Also yes, unfortunately Rarity was made a little extra crispy during the course of this song /=
If there are any problems with the vocals it is of my doing and not Shammy's.

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