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Lady Gaga Medley

Poker face, Bad romance, Paparazzi
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За день до этого выступления Гага отменила свой концерт из за сердечной аретмии и обезвоживания... после этого выступления отмены концертов продолжаются ((
Speechless, Alejandro, Bad Romance
MAC goes Gaga
Japan, Tokyo
April, 2010
Lady GaGa - Medley (Saturday Night Live 03.10.09)
Lady GaGa - Medley (SNL)
Lady Gaga performing a medley of "LoveGame", "Bad Romance" & "Poker Face" live on SNL 2009

Download MP3:
Lady Gaga's stunning medley of "LoveGame", "Bad Romance" & "Poker Face" live on Saturday Night Live (2009)

This was the first time that Gaga ever sang Bad Romance live for the first time, and was pretty much the beginning of The Fame Monster era.


Músicas: Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Just Dance, Poker Face e Love Game.
Cantor: Sam Tsui
Violão: Kurt Hugo

Todos os Direitos Reservados Para KurtHugo Schneider.

Талантливый американский подросток Кент Дженкинс (Kent Jenkins) сделал из водопроводных труб ПВХ духовой музыкальный инструмент.
Lady Gaga performs "Sound of Music" on stage during the 87th Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on February 22/2015 in Hollywood, California.
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Here it is!
Megamix by Dj Mario
Visuals by me (I2HS)
I had so much fun making the video, and thank you so much Dj Mario for letting me do a video to the mix :D I made a few versions more, but I choose to go with this one. The other ones had more effects and stuff, and I wanted it to be all "Clean". My pc is really wreck now, and it don't cope with HD videos at all, thats why its slight out of sync sometimes.
Track List:
- Poker Face (intro)
- Poker Face Vs Bad Romance
- Bad Romance
- Poker Face
- Poker Fac

2015 // Lady Gaga & The Dirty Pearls > Medley - The Gramercy Theatre (
Lady Gaga - Medley - 01.15.10 (Oprah Winfrey Show)

Lady Gaga - Monster/Bad Romance/Speechless Medley (Live on The Oprah Winfrey Show)
Download mp3 here:

Hey Youtubers!

I know I'm late jumping on the youtube bandwagon, but I wanted to share a little project of mine. Dedicated to all the lovers and haters of Lady Gaga, this is my OMA (one-man-acapella - or should I say OWA) of a medley of her songs.

I'm singing all the parts (including my version of a "beat box" which I had learned to do just 5min prior to recording!). Thanks for watching!

Special thanks to Del Soul (aka Daiyel) of Legaci and XCON of LateNightShooters. Del really was the brains behind the song and XCON cut the vids together beautifully. Check out their channels and show some love!


More vids to come - please subscribe!

"Beatbox" (wel

Lady GaGa - Mashup Megamix/Medley by Dj Mario - , , ,
Blue Man Group playing a medley of various songs on their pipe instruments. Awesome! My girlfriend filmed this. Sorry about the camera turning sideways :)

Капустник в МЭИ, 16.04.2010
Выступление Lady Gaga и Terence Koh в Токио с песнями Speechless, Alejandro, Bad Romance.

Performed at a MAC Viva Glam - Lady GaGa

Режиссер - Michel Balagué.
- Vocal - Pierre Edel (
- Guitar, arrangement - Михаил Собин (
- Operator - Александр Шлезингер (
- Video montage - Михаил Собин

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
Lady Gaga - Poker Face
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BOOKING: Go-Musique inc. | 514-597-0636 |

Rémy Vezina | 418-780-3335 |
Michel Gratton | 514-597-0636 |

Paul Di Giacomo: lead vocals, rythm guitar
Olivier Potvin: drums, back vocals
Dominique Drouin-Cyr: bass, back vocals
Mathieu Roy-Lortie: lead guitar, back vocals

Video by: Alexis BC
Sound by: Stéphane Rancourt

This song is a medley of:
- Linkin
My Website:

Decided to visit Mr. Roy this afternoon to pump out more piano madness. We decided on some GaGa Lady:

1)Bad Romance

This project took about 5 hours in total, we really hope you enjoy!

Your Pianist and Composer,
Kyle Landry

Check Matthew Roy out:
My group is performing;
1) The Beatles - Twist and Shout;
2) Lady Gaga medley
Date - November 2010
performed by Verena Schizophrenia & Max Amphetamine :D
enjoy ! :)

Lady Gaga Medley ! (:<br/><br/>

The songs in order:
1. Dance In The Dark
2. Poker Face
3. Second Time Around
4. 'Bad Romance' (sorta)
5. (Comptine des) Paparazzi (I made this cover a while ago, and mixed it with the style of Comptine d' Un Autre Eté by Yann Tiersen)
6. Telephone (ft. Beyoncé)
7. Born This Way (wouldn't feel complete without this one now would it!)

Subscribe if you like my covers and arrangements. I appreciate it when people call me talented, but if you don't do anything with that talent, it's useless. It takes work to improve. That definitely goes for the making of this medley. So let me know what you think! That way I know I should be doing this even more =).

Thank you for listening! Enjoy!

A medley of Lady Gaga songs I arranged for Piano Quintet. Performed by myself and the Apollo Quartet at Yale University's Sudler Hall as an encore for a recital.
Just Dance
Poker Face
Bad Romance

Violin 1: Annie Wang
Violin 2: Paulina Haduong
Viola: James Campbell
Cello: Merav Stern
Piano: Andi Zhou

*NEW*: I've uploaded the score and parts for download online here:
All I ask is that you don't present the arrangement as your own...beyond that, have fun!

это просто великолепно! У чела нереальный талант, так исполнять на пиано- может только гений.
в неполном составе, правда)

кавер-версия по образцу Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider
здесь вы можете найти всё о Близнецах (Les Twins)
Hey guys! It's been a while since our last cover.
This time we decided to make a mash-up of different songs from Lady GaGa's Artpop.
Oscar plays the piano and Max is on the vocals!

The mash-up includes Dope, G.U.Y., Venus, Applause & Do What U Want

Hope you'll like it! And don't forget to subscribe :)

We also want to thank Elin Pukite who recorded this video!
Peace out :) /m&o

You can find us on:
2009 // Lady Gaga > Medley Pet Shop Boys - Brit Awards (
Lady GAGA plays piano and sings her most popular songs.
Sam Tsui on vocals and Kurt Hugo on the guitar.

Sam was funny at the beginning but he redeemed himself in rendering an outstanding performance later on.

Enjoy. No hating please.



After Dark på Qx gaygala 2013 hela numret!!! ;)
Просто отпад!!!
Claire Stanfield: DANCING QUEEN. Alternately: it is very easy to have a poker face when the front half of your body is covered in blood. (Edited by

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - The Lady Is A Tramp *IMPORTANT* My future videos will be posted to my new HD channel!
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I took 10 of Youtube's greatest music hits from the past year or so and combined them all into one big piano medley! Let me know what you think :)

Song List:
1. Iyaz "Replay" 0:00
2. Rihanna "Russian Roulette" 0:21
3. Justin Bieber "Baby" 0:58
4. Owl City "Fireflies" 1:27
5. Selena Gomez "Naturally" 1:46
6. Ke$ha "Tik Tok" 2:31
7. Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" 3:05
8. Kings of Leon "Use Somebody" 3:33
9. Jason Derulo "Whatcha Say" 4:18

Bonus 10. Taylor Swift "Love Story" 4:48

*No Sheets, I played it all by ear.

this is an a cappella version of three lady gaga songs. i've overdubbed my own voice as an experiment. tell me what you think !

songs are poker face, just dance and bad romance

i don't own the songs, just love them! all songs belong to lady gagaaa

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Here is my original staff
Choreographer: Ysabelle Capitule
Artist: Ellona Santiago

Official Video by Lil BIGZ Official:
2015 // Lady Gaga > Medley The Sound Of Music - The Oscars (
ARTPOP cover

Aura, Venus, Do What U Want, Gypsy, Applause
видео группы
Золотая осень ИСПМ 15.11.2013 г.
Tu découvres notre chaine ? C'est rien que pour toi !
Tu découvres notre chaîne ? C'est rien que pour toi !

Place au medley le plus flippant de l'année : le MEDLEY HALLOWEEN ! Inaya, Lola, Elliott et Alexis se transforment en zombies assoiffés de sang pour une vidéo très flippante dans laquelle Lady Gaga et Michael Jackson sont à l'honneur. Attention, âmes sensibles s'abstenir…

Réalisation Audio : Quentin Béc
"Божественно" - ничто, по сравнению с тем, что я испытываю к этому номеру.
Все бы отдала, чтобы это увидеть и поставить что-то подобное.
Best Covers - лучшие кавер-версии.
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Sarah Geronimo gives a comeback with a blast of a Lady Gaga medley on ASAP #ASAPatOktober episode together with Elmo Magalona, 4th Impact and the G-Force 09 October 2016

Okkkkay!! xD It was so funny to do this one. I'm really in love with Sam's voice and Kurt is able to make some wonderful arrangements. They are so talented! This medley is amazzzzing, so I decided to do a kind of duet with Sam. Hope you'll like it :p
Oh and I'm sorry for the little gap between the sound and my horrible play-back xDDD

Check their channel and subscribe (they are real stars xD) :

Mioune was filming when me (and
The Johnson Report plays some songs by Lady Gaga

Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider performing their Lady Gaga Medley at the Concert For Japan at Toronto.

BTW, Happy Birthday Kurt! :)
I renamed my PVC Instrument to RimbaTubes!
For more info, check out...

Me playing a medley of Lady Gaga songs on my new PVC Instrument (which I've dubbed PVC 2.0, but have renamed as RimbaTubes) that I'm taking down to college with me.

For more information about my new instrument check out "Snubby J's YouTube Update" video. Here is the link...
#Пародия #Юмор #Parody #cover
Пародии и каверы на музыкальные клипы и песни
куда же без этих ребят )
Medley Lady Gaga @Charity Concert