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For adorable Tina

I find it so cute when C.A.P wouldn't even think of fighting back his two attackers (Chunji and Changjo) which we all know he can. but rather, he screams for L.Joe's help which is so so cute and adorable.

haist! this man is making me fall for him deeper and deeper. ^_^

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La pareja más joven del grupo
Dhani Sara ^^
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song: hurts - illuminated

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Marilyn Manson playing the song Disposable Teens live from the Guns, God, and Government Live In L.A Blue Ray
Los Angeles, California, 1965
L.A. Reid gives a shout-out to fellow X Factor judge, and Teen Choice Awards host, Demi Lovato.

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Фансаб-группа "Dilemma"

Перевод: Анастасия Беликова
Редактор: Juli
Тайминг: Sana
Teen Top made a stop in LA during their High Kick tour, sponsored by Kpop United! They were the first Kpop group to be Krowdpopped, which means that the fans voted and crowdfunded to bring Teen Top to specific cities in the U.S.! And boy, did Teen Top feel the love! Check out our concert footage and giveaway at the end of our video! ^_^

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Hi guys! ^ ^
I am a STALIA shipper and I thought to make a video with this two babies. I love them so f*cking much. I don't understand how some people can hate this couple. I was once a STYDIA shipper and when I saw that Lydia doesn't like Stiles I just..I wanted someone good for Stiles, someone who can make him happy and here is she, Malia Tate/Hale. I hope they will not break up cause I love them
Teen top C.A.P And L.Joe rap performance in Japan. ^^<br/><br/>
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ENFD-5136 l 2009
Video: ???
Marilyn Manson - Live In L.A. 2009 - from Guns, God And Government World Tour

Guns, God and Government - Live in L.A. is the first Blu-ray Disc by Marilyn Manson. It was released on November 17, 2009 by
Eagle Rock Entertainment. It features the live performance of the concert in Los Angeles, California on October 8, 2001 instead of a montage of live performances as
previously released in the original DVD version.
HD will take you to wonderland
Song info at the end

This episode was soooo much fun. Wanted to do something about this so here it is ;)
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Saturday, August 15, 2015 - A gleeful Lea Michele tries to keep a low profile in a tan hat and sunglasses as she arrives in Los Angeles the day before presenting at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards.
Disney Channel's Peyton List picks up her BFF Kaylyn for a day of gardening, vintage shopping, and eating the most delicious-looking beet salad we've ever seen.

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