Kyasma - Radioactivity: Kyasma//Radioactivity, KYASMA // Radioactivity

Kyasma - Radioactivity

Band: Kyasma Track : Radioactivity Cast // Main actor : Denis Carpentier  Squad : Thomas Demarez, Ronald Beurms, Gille Masson, Laurent Denayer, François Sabbe, Benoit Devos, Paul-­‐Emmanuel, Charly Calicis, Dimitri Horlait Inspector : Gauthier Bourgois  Main Colleague : Olivier bonjour  Colleagues : Geoffroy Rouffiange, Michael fromowicz Production: Bang Bang Director : Jean Paul Frenay Producer: Geoffroy Rouffiange, Joachim Weissmann Production assistant : Charly Calicis D
Are nano-tech enhanced humans really safe ? This is the music video for the swiss band Kyasma's first single "Radioactivity." The debut album is called Symphony for Technology and is produced by John Cornfield (Muse, Oasis) Jean-Paul Frenay is a Belgian director, visual artist and musician working across disciplines in art direction, graphics design, photography, interactive media, film and motion. Several of his projects such as his short film "Artificial Paradise, Inc." or his "VW bluemotion" and
Эстетика киберпанка и идеи трансгуманизма в паблике