Korn - Oildale: Korn - Oildale (Leave Me Alone), korn oildale, Korn_-_Oildale, Korn - Oildale (Leave Me Alone) (2010), KORN - Oildale (Leave Me Alone)

Korn - Oildale

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Новый сцуко клип 2010
Новая крутая тема от крутых Korn
кукурозо - нефтеюганск
Видео к новому концептуальному альбому Korn, посвященному человеческим пороками и способах от них избавления.
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Новый клип одной из самых известных альтернативных групп - Korn. Песня Oildale (Leave Me Alone) - 1-й сингл с выходящего в июле альбома Korn III – Remember Who You Are.

Первый клип альбома:
Korn III Remember Who You Are
© 2010, Roadrunner Records, Inc. Directed and Edited by Phil Mucci. Starring Evan Schelton Produced by David Duarte Cinematography by Yon Thomas Production Design by Jason Hamilton Costume Design by Bory Tan Hair/Makeup by Christina Guerra Color Timing by Arnold Ramm Shot on location in the town of Oildale, CA.
Shot in the actual town of Oildale, CA.
Первый сингл c "Korn-3"

Korn - Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
Bakersfield, California!!!! OILDALE Is part of Bakersfield!!!!!
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Джонатан снова в адидасе)))
новый клипак,премъера была 31.05.10,тоесть вчера:РРР
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(Live at Jimmy Kimmel show 2010)
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06.04.10 @ Sound Academy, Toronto, Canada

1) Новая песня офигительна
2) Манки с подписным гибсоном бакетхеда??? О_о
live - Toronto, ON - 4/06/10 - 3 cam mix
06.04.10 @ Sound Academy, Toronto, Canada
Съёмка из толпы, звук не чистый, но достаточно громкий
Sound Academy, Toronto, ON - April 6 2010
песня с нового альбома Korn III: Remember Who Are You
Дима, мы должны быть на концерте!!
KoRn III Remember Who You Are most watched video on youtube
Korn - Let the Guilt Go -The Encounter DVD 2010
Korn's video for 'Oildale (Leave Me Alone)' off the album Korn III: Remember Who You Are - available now on Roadrunner Records. Download now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/korn-3

Site: http://www.korn.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/korn
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Look at you
Feeling all good
You can't resist
You have to be all
Up in it
Don't it feel great
Talking Shit
I let it go.

Why don't you just leave me alone.
My heart's gonna break from the fall.
Holding on to petty things.
Oildale - KoRn live @ Rock in Roma 29/06/2011

Behind the scenes of KoRn's 2010 hit "Oildale" video that was filmed in Bakersfield, CA. Get "KoRn III, Remember Who You Are" on iTunes. Footage by Sebastien Paquet.
Download my band's first album for free here :

Bass : Ibanez SR705
Camera : JVC HD300

Korn Performing ''Oildale (Leave Me Alone)'' , from the album '' Korn III '' Live On Jimmy Kimmel

Korn (cover) - Oildale (Leave Me Alone).

... nice song from the new album - coming out on 13.07.2010 ...
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Новый клип одной из самых известных альтернативных групп - Korn. Песня Oildale (Leave Me Alone) - 1-й сингл с выходящего в июле альбома Korn III – Remember Who You Are.
Audio wise, Korn fucked it up during this song. You can hear the high (or low) audio at times and they had an annoying "peep" sometimes.

So, don't blame the taper :)
Korn performing live Oildale (Leave Me Alone) at RaR 2011. June 4th 2011

DISCLAIMER: I don't the music on this. Logos, music and video footage belongs to their respective owners.

ZoRn performing Oildale live at the "Monsters of tribute" at L.A. Coast to Coast in Cham.

On this song Jon brought his son Pirate onstage to sing with the band

Korn playing "Oildale" on The Music As A Weapon Tour 3-12-11 in Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint
Korn - Oildale (Leave Me Alone) live - Toronto, ON - 4/06/10 - 3 cam mix
Directed by Sébastien Paquet
KoRn Live -The Encounter - "The first ten minutes"Oildale /
Pop a Pill - MUST SEEEEEEEEE!!!! :)))
The studio version of the song entitled Oildale(Leave Me Alone) by Korn from the album "Korn III: Remember Who You Are".

сори за качество!зато свежак!
BareBonesMusic.com caught up with Ray Luzier, drummer of KORN, back stage in the band's dressing room at the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. Having just given a sit down interview with Agent eX, Ray hopped up and sat down behind a practice drum set in the band's room. Ray then gave a drum lesson, section by section, on how to play the band's latest single "Oildale (Leave Me Alone)" of their new album "Korn III: Remember Who You Are". Also making a guest appearance in this video is Munky, guitar player for the band.

From The Bonus DVD from Korn 3
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Джонатан с сынишкой
Немного не сначала :(
Korn - Oildale (Leave Me Alone) (Live The Encounter) High Definition Video
All rights on the original song are reserved by Korn.

Recorded using:
* Ibanez K7 APEX2
* Denio Compression Sustainer
* Dunlop Crybaby Wah
* Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem (vol 35%, bass 80%, mid 600Hz 10%, treb 80%, gain 65%)
* Boss NS-2
* VOX NT50H Amp Head (bright channel, gain 50%, treb 75%, mid 40%, bass 65%, tone cut 60%, volume 20%)
* Marshall MHZ112A Cabinet
* Shure SM57 (slightly right of the speaker cone)
* AKG Perception 120 (on the right speaker edge)
* Yamaha MG102c (60% for SM57, 40% for AKG

Korn with "oildale leave me alone" - Live @ Rock am Ring 2011 June 04, Germany

*re-uploaded this video after account deletion...(on my first channel: MikeNadi)

Jonathan Davis - Vocals
James "Munky" Shaffer - Guitars
Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu - Bass
Ray Luzier - Drums
Zac Baird - Keyboards , backing vocals


HDadvanced - MikeNadi

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This vid is from the itunes special edition.
Mayhem Fest. 2010 San Bernardino, CA
San Manuel Amphetheatre