Kora - Burning: Azathoth Circle feat Kora Rex - Burning Eye (Live at 'Metropol' Kiev, 23/05/2015), Azathoth Circle feat. Kora Rex - Burning Eye (Final

Kora - Burning

Kiev Kills: Party Monsters Gothic Night
23 мая 2015г., клуб "Метрополь", г.Киев
(c) Alex Clash
Enjoy the guitar riffs of the new album From The Inside.
In my studio in Ukraine.
Part 1

Kora's stunning Intro and Burning. There's no other way to experience this song, the lead-in is just phenomenal and the two tracks needed to be encompassed in one.

Please see your way to getting their self titled album, you will NOT regret it.


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Siberian Progressive dub band
Cover Me Like a Rockstar - 2010