Klippa: Klippa - Werewolf Women, Supa Klippa, [FREE TRACK] Klippa + Jackal Queenston - Anxiety, Mayhem - I Am The Tower (Klippa Remix), Sigur Rós - Klippa,


maybe for an album or EP. haven't decided yet. enjoy!

DOWNLOAD (right click + save as): http://lapfoxtrax.com/free/Klippa%20+%20Jackal%20Queenston%20-%20Anxiety.mp3

getting some out of those negative feelings out. insanely happy with the end product. especially the end of said end product. enjoy ♥

more stuff for something. trying to breathe some new life into my dubstep production. enjoy!

I decided to make this mix partly because I thought it would be a funny thing to do and partly to pay tribute to Renard Queenston!

All credits go to him! If you want to get the tracks, check out http://www.lapfoxtrax.com

Check him also on YT: http://www.youtube.com/user/lapfoxofficial

Have Fun! :)


He Pukes Based Shark
The Sound
Home Row
It's Murder
Night Music
Dum Dum Diday (Album Version)
Push Every Button

How Dare You
Get Grimey (feat. Mayhem)
from the album "Hard Membrane", available here: http://vulpvibe.bandcamp.com/album/klippa-hard-membrane

Way too tired to write a description.

Remix of Klippa's "Cheryl"
Original here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSIka-2qU2w

MP3: http://soundcloud.com/general-mumble/klippa-cheryl-general-mumble

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yup, album in progress indeed. "skulk shadow" will be on this one as well.


DOWNLOAD: http://lapfoxtrax.com/free/Klippa%20-%20Deep%20In%20Her%20Eyes.mp3

i know most of you are waiting im...
Game: Audiosurf
Character: Ninja mono
Song: Klippa - Low Watts
Ironmode: On

En nybörjarguide som visar det du behöver veta för att få ett par fina naturliga bryn med skugga. Du får ta del utav tips & trix. Se hur man noppar, formar klipper och fyller i dem.
+ Mina favoritprodukter!

Produkter i videon:
Pincett - Anastasia
Ögonbrynskniv - Depend
Pensel - Anastasia Large duo brush #12
Brynskugga (som jag använde) Face stockholm "björk"
Bryngele - Isadora transparent

The Queenstons remix album "de//THRONE"
coming eventually . . .


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a Patreon exclusive from all the way back in March. figured it's finally time for this one to get a public release! still super happy with it.


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another "classic" favorite remixed. had a lot of fun, and i think that shows in the funk factor!
I wanted to keep this channel alive, so here is an album from an artist that I have been listening to way too much. Go check out his other stuff!

I have not made this album, just sharing it. Go support the artist and download the album.

0:00 - Bookworm
1:50 - Bite Down
4:25 - Sorrow Skies
6:18 - Space Dog
8:48 - Stankeater
10:45 - Teeth Man
13:43 - Sludgebot
17:02 - Get Grimey
20:10 - Lizard Poop

GET IT HERE: http://lapfox.bandcamp.com/album/arcadepunk

thanks for waiting, it's been a long time coming. what you hear in the video is the entire EP from front to back gaplessly, as it is intended to be heard. enjoy the free listen and if you like what you hear, please consider grabbing the release in full, it's only $2 :]

thanks so much, and cheers ♥
DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xp5u2oibgjitugg/

it's been a while, hasn't it