Kiwi Nail Art: Дизайн ногтей гель лаком Киви - Kiwi Nail Art Gel, Abstract Kiwi Nail Art, Kiwi Christmas Nail Art, Sweet Kiwi Nail Art, Kiwi Nail Art Design

Kiwi Nail Art

Раскрываем все женские хитрости! Присоединяйтесь

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♥ I use acrylic paints because its waaaaay easier to draw with than nail polish. Not to mention if you do nails as much as I do it's a lot cheaper.
♥ I always use nail polish as the base color and then do the art with paints.
♥ No. They will not stain your nails and it comes off with nail polish remover.
♥ My favorite bran
These yummy kiwi nails are going to make you hungry!

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*Thanks to xoxninaxox20 for the wonderful inspiration
and to ihaveacupcake for the pineapple nail. ^_^
Для маникюра использовались:
- зеленый гель-лак Kodi 183 -
- белый гель-лак Kodi 33 -
- черный гель-лак
- топ Kodi -
- кисть
- дотс
KODI Professional:
Осень радует нас хоть уже и прохладными, но солнечными денечками. Мы еще не спешим переодеваться в теплые осенние свитера. Поэтому давайте сделаем маникюр с теплыми летними красками и порадуем себя рисунком с киви. Предлагаю нарисовать на безымянном пальчики киви целиком, а на указательном сделать френч-киви

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Love kiwi as I do? Then you will love this kind of art manicure - kiwi nail art. Your nails will look like kiwi slices - juicy and bright! You will need 3 colours of nail polishes: green, white and black. This technique of Art Manicure is a technique of drawing on a wet polish with a stick. Note, that all nail polishes I use are not tested on animals. Join my choice too!
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