King Tubby: King Tubby , BDF (Tribute To King Tubby; Augustus Pablo), Basque Dub Foundation (tribute to King Tubby & Augustus Pablo), KING TUBBY meets

King Tubby

Very rare glimpse of Dubs Originator King Tubby.

'King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown' is a classic dub collaboration between Augustus Pablo and King Tubby.
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Equiknoxx Introduces Masicka To King Tubby‏
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Video Film/Edited By Kemstyle Studio
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Artist: Glen Brown & King Tubby
Title: Termination Dub
Album: Termination Dub
Year: 1973-1979
King Of Dub Music
King Tubby a.k.a. Osbourne Ruddock.#
Take 5 Dub....
Another great track to turn the volume switch up with.

King Tubby A Merderous Dub from the album in Loving Memory.

One of the best by the creator
King Tubby -"Cool Down Version" from King Tubby's Special 73-78

King Tubby Yabby You in a track called "Jah Mercies" from the album "Time To Remember".

Flute played by Tommy McCook?

Easily one of the best instrumental versions ever.
This is a classic collection Dub, originally issued in 2003 on Select Cuts. Jamaican sound engineer and musical aesthete Osbourne Ruddock aka King Tubby is widely credited with being the original dub creator. The results of his experiments in the early and mid-1970s pervade all areas of contemporary dance music. King Tubby`s instrument was the mixing desk, and like jazz musicians before him, his passion was finding ways to make it do things that hadn`t been done before. King Tubby was an electronics genius,
Sorry, It's not the best quality but I think you'll like it
Tragically murdered in the early 1990s, Osbourne Ruddock (aka King Tubby) made a huge mark on music with his infectious lock-grooves and revolutionary production techniques. In this video, Mr. Tubby dubs up the Dave Brubeck Quartet standard 'Take 5' while machines, humans and insects oscillate wildly (as The Smiths might say)
King Tubby, Jah Thomas, Roots Radics
King Tubby - Dub Fever
King Tubby classic Talkative Dub from the album in Loving Memory.
1980 Live And Love_produced by Fatman

Fugitive Dub is from our album 'The Legendary Skatalites In Dub' (Motion Records)
Musicians on the album include:
Double bass: Lloyd Brevett
Drums: Benbow Creary, Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace
Sax: Tommy McCook, Roland Alphonso, Lester Sterling
Trombone: Don D. Junior (Vin Gordon)
Trumpet: Johnny Moore
Flute: Tommy McCook
Guitar: Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Ernest Ranglin
Keyboards: Augustus Pablo (including on Fugitive Dub)
Niyabinghi drummers: Sidney Wolf, Brother Jack, I-Mar
From the EP: Junior Reid - One Sufferation (1980)
Style: Dub
Old and rare track
KING TUBBY - Burn a Challawa
I´m not sure if it´s a Tubby Mix

recorded: 1977-1979

Producer : Brad Osbourne

Drums : Sly Dunbar Santa Davis
Bass : Fully Fullwood Robbie Shakespeare
Lead Guitar : Chinna
Organ : Ossie Hibbert Wire Lindo Winston Wright
Piano : Ansel Collins
Horns : Tommy McCook Dirty Harry
Trumpet : Bobby Ellis

Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA) Shep Recording (New York, USA)
From album 'Johnny Clark at King Tubby's - A Ruffer Version 1974 - 1978'

King Tubby (dub-master) on the footplate . I'm sure he must have worked as fireman at Newton Heath late 60's...keep on dubbing

Album: The Roots Of Dub

Producer : Bunny Lee

Mixing Engineer : King Tubby

Backing Band : The Aggrovators
Drums : Carlton Barrett Anthony Benbow Creary Santa Davis
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare Fully Fullwood
Guitar : Tony Chin Aston Barrett
Lead Guitar : Earl Chinna Smith
Rhythm Guitar : Brother Bogga
Piano : Bernard Touter Harvey
Organ : Ossie Bongo Brother Ian

Studios :
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)
This is a classic collection Dub, originally issued in 2003 on Select Cuts. Jamaican sound engineer and musical aesthete Osbourne Ruddock aka King Tubby is widely credited with being the original dub creator. The results of his experiments in the early and mid-1970s pervade all areas of contemporary dance music. King Tubby`s instrument was the mixing desk, and like jazz musicians before him, his passion was finding ways to make it do things that hadn`t been done before. King Tubby was an electronics genius,
King Tubby, Scientist & Prince Jammy - Ranking Dub

King Tubby Explosive Dub

Calvin Stuart & King Tubby - Babylon a Turn Dem Back + Dub

Album: The Sound of Channel One: King Tubby Connection
Tabby Diamonds taken from the album King Tubby meets the Reggae Maters with Eyes of Africa plus the Dub entitled Waterhouse Rock, taken from the album Crucial Dub
The Observer All Stars & King Tubbys - Mister D. Brown Skank

King Tubby - Dub Of A Woman.
Another great from Osbourne Ruddock.

Check my other goodies.

OGDonNinja / Vic Beats / 199X

A beautiful cd re-issue of a Tubby-McCook combination dub masterpiece; enjoy this incredible piece of music history with some huge bonus tracks

I do not own any kind of rights upon this material, neither audio nor video

You need good bass sound system to really appreciate this music


1 - A Creator Of Dub 00:00
2 - A Happy Dub 03:33
3 - A Collie Dub 06:47
4 - The Dub Station 09:08
5 - The Height Of Dub 12:56
6 - Inspiring Dub 15:46
7 - Joy Soy Dub 19:21
King Tubby - Dubbing My Way
начало сэта машаплю менсу с лондан ситей)
Jah Woosh King Tubby - Jah Is The Ruler Wid Dub.
Reggae Roots Culture Conscious Vibe:
King Tubby On The Mix'
More Info Laters:
Crazy dub from another dub legend King Tubby Wicked
Harry Mudie King Tubby - Where Eagles Dare

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From our album 'The Legendary Skatalites In Dub' (Motion Records)

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~~ Reggae artwork by Brian Gallagher - ~~
Album: Dangerous Dub

Producer : Jah Screw Ranking Joe

Mixing Engineer : Jah Screw King Tubby
Engineer : Soljie Hamilton

Backing Band : The Roots Radics
Drums : Style Scott
Bass : Flabba Holt
Lead Guitar : Sowell
Rhythm Guitar : Bingy Bunny
Piano : Gladdy Anderson
Keyboards : Steely
Percussions : Scully Simms Barnabas

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)
Ahead of Footsie's release of King Original Vol.1 we grab a sit down conversation with both Footsie and DJ Tubby. Discussing how they met before Newham Generals evolved, pirate radio shows and the importance of an MC receiving his wheelup at Eskimo Dance.

FOOTSIE - King Original vol. 1 - OUT NOW
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King Tubby - King Tubby The Dub Ruler

King Tubby

~dub to the rescue
King Tubby - First, Second And Third Generation Of Dub

A1 - King Tubby - First Generation
A2 - Prince Jammy - Second Generation
A3 - Scientist - Third Generation
A4 - King Tubby - Tubbys New Fashion

B1 - Prince Jammy - Prince Jammy On The Scene
B2 - Scientist - Scientist At His Best
B3 - King Tubby - Tubbs The Originator
B4 - King Tubby - Original Stylee

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From our album 'The Legendary Skatalites In Dub' (Motion Records)

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~~ Reggae artwork by Brian Gallagher - ~~
The master of dub mashing it up
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1. A Big Big Pollution
2. I Am Not A King
3. Politicians
4. Lead Us Jah Jah
5. Can’t Live Like This
6. Things In Life
7. Show Us The Way
8. 30 Pieces of Silver
9. Fittest of The Fittest
10. Tribulation
11. Lets Go To The Blues
12. Jah Children Must Come
13. Don’t Let No One Bribe You
14. We Need Love
15. Jah Jah Love Everyone
16. Mr Money Man
17. Natty Roots Man
18. We Have To Work All Day
19. Let Go Jah Jah Children
20. Love Is The Answer ˙

King Tubby - Roots Dub
Praise be, one and all!

Rocco Shanti presents a Dub Reggae Selection, inspired by the mighty Aba Shanti I, Sounds of Jah Lightning and Thunder! Bigup all dub reggae massive and crew all over the World.. Nuff respect a gwon.

Peace and love
Rocco Shanti
FULL Album, tracks are as follows, with 2 BONUS Tracks added of MY Choice:-
1. Psalms Of Dub
2. Drum & Bass
3. Locks Of Dub
4. Clash Of Steel
5. Watergate Rock (Dub to I Admire you, Larry Marshall)
6. Zone Dub (Second Dub to I Admire you, Larry Marshall)
7. Black Lash (Listen to this on headphones for BEST Results)
8. Thunderball
9. Liberation Front/BOBBY KALPHAT
10. Sabotage
11. Disco Dub
12. Iron Gate King
13. Psalms Of Drums
14. King At The Controls (Dub to Weatherman Skank by Ray I)
15. Weatherman Style
Fuzzy Jones
0:00 King Everald - Kill Ole Pan Sound
3:23 Johnny Osbourne - Line Up / road block
7:30 Trevor Levy - Nah Run From No Clash
11:45 Banana Man - Take A Lick
15:30 Michael Batis - Die You Die
19:17 Gregory Isaacs - The Ruler
23:13 Little John - Fade Away
27:17 SM - Play Me
31:50 Conroy Smith - Original Sound
35:50 Pad Anthony - Charge Dem
1 Full Dose Of Dub
2 Madhouse Dub
3 Dub For The Dread
4 Dub With A Difference
5 Caught You Dubbing
6 Roman Dub
7 Dub Conference
8 Heavy Duty Dub
9 Striptease Dub
10 String Dub In Rema
King Tubby and the Aggrovators
Dub of "Derrick Morgan - The Original Watering Man"

Bunny Lee 1975

Side one : FBL - 7488 - A SRM Derrick Morgan
Side two : FBL - 7488 - B SRM King Tubby

I do not own the rights to this song.
King Tubby - Dub From The Roots

A1 Dub From The Roots
A2 Iyahta
A3 Mine Field
A4 Hijack The Barber
A5 African Roots
A6 Double Cross
A7 East Of (Arrows Hi Fi)

B1 Invasion
B2 Dub Of A Woman
B3 Dub On My Mind
B4 Stealing
B5 Dub Experience
B6 Declaration Of Dub
B7 A Truthful Dub
Writers H.Andy and O.Ruddock
Producer King Tubby
Jet Star CRCD3045

Rockers Meets King Tubby In a Fire House

00:00 - 1 - Rockers Meet King Tubbys In a Fire House
04:01 - 2 - short man dub
07:16 - 3 - Zion Is A Home
11:49 - 4 - Dub In Matthews Lane Arena
15:19 - 5 - Jah Say Dub
19:10 - 6 - son of jah dub
22:46 - 7 - Simeon Tradition
26:04 - 8 - Selassie I Dub
29:51 - 9 - Jah Moulty Ital Sip
32:37 - 10 - Son Of Man Dub
36:37 - 11 - Rasta To The Hills
40:39 - 12 - Twin Seal Dub
43:13 - 13 - House Of Dub Version

Producer: Augustus Pablo, Michael McGeachy
Flag dub montage


Footage of the King, on one of his Greatest dubs. I've created a King Tubby page on facebook, here is the link
King Tubby & Yabby You -- Time To Remember (Vol.1)

0:00:01 # - A1 - Bad Boy Lesson

0:03:47 # - A2 - Rockfort War

0:07:43 # - A3 - King Tubbys Sound

0:11:35 # - A4 - Ruff In A Firehouse

0:15:27 # - A5 - Jah Mercies

0:18:58 # - B1 - They Dont Want Me

0:22:35 # - B2 - Gunman Secret

0:25:34 # - B3 - South Africa

0:29:08 # - B4 - A Yard Is Not A Yard

0:33:23 # - B5 - Pharaoas Plague

00:00 First Generation
03:21 Second Generation
07:23 Third Generation
10:43 Tubby's New Fashion
15:04 Prince Jammy On The Scene
19:37 Scientist At His Best
21:58 Tubbs The Originator
25:45 Original Stylee


King Tubby's music career began in the 1950s with the rising popularity of Jamaican sound systems, which were to be found all over Kingston and which were developing into enterprising businesses. As a talented radio repairman, Tubby soon found himself in great demand by most of the major sound
King Tubby V's ODB mashup.
MacroDubplates Volume One.
Crazy dub from another dub legend King Tubby Wicked
Artist: The Aggrovators, King Tubbys
Title: The Aggrovators At King Tubby's Studio
Genre: Reggae


Black Unity
Sergeant Tollawah
Militant Salute
Movements Of His Majesty
Hot Lava
Rocking Jamboree
Riding West
You’ll Never Find
Hop, Skip & Rock
African Roots
You’ve Caught Me Baby
Forgot To Say I Love
Quick, rough demonstration of dub mixing, as pioneered by King Tubby's and the engineers working at his Dromily Avenue studio. tape echo, spring reverb, plus something special and secret...

Music by the Forthrights, now-defunct reggae group from NYC (Jack Wright- organ, Matt Burdi - drums, Maddie Ruthless - guitar, Mihran Abrahamian - bass, piano)
fragment of media-archaeological A/V set "Relectrax"
Kelvin lays down a little chat in the bathroom/voicing booth, and the great Scientist mixes a dub special. "Mixing's hard, man!" Scientist makes it look effortless. From the BBC documentary "Musical Roots"
Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire vs King Tubby - Rock With I Dub by G3RSt
Album: Hits Of The Past (1982 Original Press)
Label: Prophet Record
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown

00:00 - 01 - keep on dubbing
03:10 - 02 - stop them jah
05:59 - 03 - young generation dub
08:32 - 04 - each one dub
11:25 - 05 - 555 dub street
14:07 - 06 - brace's tower dub
16:58 - 07 - king tubby meets rockers uptown
19:30 - 08 - Brace's Tower Dub No. 2
22:26 - 09 - corner crew dub
25:31 - 10 - Skanking Dub
28:13 - 11 - frozen dub
31:05 - 12 - satta dub
35:26 - 13 - black gunn
38:44 - 14 - 1 ruthland close
41:20 - 15 - 1-2-3 version
44:20 - 16 - silent satta

this is u.k. first ever dance hall L.P this one was part two at dick sheperd school south london with sound like king tubbys tipper ire was still in tubbys before joining saxon also in session were nasty rockers ghetto tone sir lloyd this l.p. was release in 1983

Natty Dub
Lee's Dub
Wonder Why Dub
I'm Gone Dub
Country Boy Dub
True Believer In Dub
Care Free Dub
Rasta Train Dub
Move Out Of Babylon Dub
Give The Little Man A Great Big Hand Dub
Feel So Good Dub
For The Rest Of My Life Dub
When Will I Find My Way Dub
I'm Leaving Dub
Feel Lost Dub
Dawn Dub
Addis Pablo of Suns of Dub performs his father Augustus Pablo's classic "King Tubby's Meets Rockers Uptown" live onstage with The Roots at the Okayplayer Holiday Jam 2013 at Brooklyn Bowl

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This mix of John Holt's ALI BABA was lifted from an OLD OLD dubplate we recently found which comes from the hands, heart, mind and mixing board of the late, great King Tubby. I believe that this has never been released and it simply blew our collective Deadly Dragon Minds. Enjoy.
deadly cut of Man Next Door/Got To Get Away from 1975 - with a thunderous Tubby's dub that just annihilates at 2:06
01 Country Gal Dub
02 Loud Mouth Rock
03 Up Town Special
04 Hungry Belly Dub
05 Shepherd Bush In Dub
06 London Bridge Special
07 Earthquake Shake
08 Rice Grain Rock
09 Banana And Yam Skank
10 Knife And Fork Dubwise
11 King Stereo Gav Dub
12 King Tubby Hi-Fi DuD
13 Symbolic Dub
'King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown' was a classic dub collaboration between Augustus Pablo and King Tubby. This arrangement for theremin is by Makmed the Miller. Although there is an 'untouchable' quality to classic tunes that makes them uncoverable, it's worth remembering that the tune itself was a dub remix of the original song 'Baby I Love You So' by Jacob Miller (no relation to Makmed).So it has a history of being 'touched'.
Makmed the Miller is a founder member
1 Dub Fever
2 Skanking Dub
3 Roots Dub
4 St. Lucia Skank
5 Sinsemilia Dub 3:23
6 Get Up And Dub 3:22
7 Satta Dub 3:03
8 Easy Dub
9 Jah Jah Dub
10 The Frontline
11 Jah Guide Dub
12 Patriotic Dub
13 Confinement Dub
14 Harder Dub
15 Woodham Slide
16 Puppy Dub
17 Mount Zion Dub
18 Boulevard Ride
19 Narrow Dub
20 Tubby's At The Control

Please rate this song for the DUB LP archives:
Reggae Rod Taylor His Imperial Majesty Mikey Dread King Tubby Dread All The Way
Album: Freedom Sounds In Dub

Mixing Engineer : King Tubby

Producer : Bertram Brown

Backing Band : The Soul Syndicate
Drums : Max Asher Santa Davis
Bass : Fully Fullwood
Lead Guitar : Chinna Tony Chin
Keyboards : Keith Sterling Gladdy Richard Johnson
Saxophone : Deadly Headly
Percussions : Skully

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) Randy's (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)
A1 Scientist Round 1
A2 Prince Jammy Round 2
A3 Scientist Round 3
A4 Prince Jammy Round 4
A5 Scientist Round 5
B1 Prince Jammy Round 6
B2 Scientist Round 7
B3 Prince Jammy Round 8
B4 Scientist Round 9
B5 Prince Jammy Round 10

The incredible King Tubby's Soundsystem, warming up for their stage at this years Notting Hill Carnival with a killer set at Red Stripe Make Session 003!
1. Roots Radics World Dub
2. Scientist's Earth Dub
3. King Tubby's Moon Dub
4. Roots Radics' Star Dub
5. Scientist's Rain Dub
6. King Tubby's Snow Dub
7. Roots Radics' Summer Dub
8. Scientist's Winter Dub
9. King Tubby's Cloud Dub
10. Roots Radics' Storm Dub
11. Scientist's Hurrican Dub
12. King Tubby's Earthquake Dub
13. Scientist's Thunder Dub
1 Prince Far I - Jordan River
2 King Tubby - Fireman
3 King Tubby - Don't Rape the Black Daughter
4 King Tubby - Rally Rally Round
5 Prince Far I - Take Caution
6 King Tubby - Cleopatra
7 King Tubby - Not All That Glitters Is Gold
8 King Tubby - Stop Opression Now
9 Prince Far I - Poor A Di Biggest Crime
10 King Tubby - Wicked Man
11 King Tubby - Tribulation
12 King Tubby - Old Nega War
13 Prince Far I - Iron Bar Stay Far
14 King Tubby - Death to All Racists
(10 inch) Natural Vibes - Sweet Sensation - King Tubby's - Sensation Version - (extended)

Hope you enjoy! ;D
Carlton "Carly" Barrett - Drums
Brother Morris- Rhythm
Tony Chin - Rhythm
Carlton "Santa" Davis - Drums
Ossie Hibbert - Organ
King Tubby - Mixing, Primary Artist
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown

Producer: Augustus Pablo

Mixing engineer: Errol Thompson, King Tubby

Glen Brown, the Riddim Master singing on one of his own productions. Sax legend Tommy McCook is on flute.
King Tubby's collaboration with Glen led to some of the best dub of the time.