Keywest: Keywest (London 20/08/2016), Keywest - Wait For Me (Official B-Side Session), Keywest - Not thinking about you, ВИА Keywest на Графтон стрит


Keywest new single "Stuck On Replay"

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Andy Kavanagh: Lead vocals
Andrew Glover: Guitar/Keys and vocals
James Lock: Lead Guitar and vocals
Sam Marder: Bass Guitar
Harry Sullivan: Drums

Actress in Stuck on Replay: Anastasiya Kharisova

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Music video by Keywest performing Stuck On Replay. (c) 2011 Sonic Realm Records
Music video by Keywest performing the song "Messages From God" from their debut album "The Message".

"The Message" is available on tune, please follow the link below to purchase.

Ariel Amaro - Director Of Photography, Editor
Grant Jensen - Director
Matt Champagne - Co-Director
Paul Slemmer - Visual Effects

©Alphastar Records 2012
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Гуляя по Графтон стрит, мы сделали небольшой вклад в фонд этой группы - купили 3 диска с их песнями и каверами =)
Keywest Singing A Cover Of Fields Of Gold On Grafton Street 29th June 2014

Just what the title says, 29 January 2011. Sorry about it starting in the middle, I was moseying down the street!

Grafton Street, Dublin

Music video for All My Mistakes performed by Keywest.


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Dublin, 22 december on Grafton Street.
Nikon D800 with 50mm 1.8g
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Tickets on sale now for Keywest "live at the Academy" Dublin October 8th 2011




One of Keywest's last days of busking - 1st October 2011


I'm never serious, aha look at me go

Keywest are the soundest lads going! You should follow them everywhere they go

6 toed kitten swimming lessons

Keywest - Feels So Cruel
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Director/Cinematography - Philip Blake
Production Assistant/Camera Assistant - Killian Muldoon
Produced by - Keywest
Make Up - Debbie Fanning & Ryan Owen Nee
Alphastar Records 2012

Keywest playing on shop street during Havanna Festival

Keywest, the five guys from Dublin playing live in Birmingham UK at the Bullring. In this video they are playing the song Apple Tree Hill. The band members are Andrew Kavanagh (vocals), Andrew Glover (guitar/keys/vocals), Sam Marder (bass), Jimi Lock (lead guitar) and Harry Sullivan (drums/percussion).
Street Music at Dublin (Grafton Street)

Band: Keywest
Keywest perform a version of Tupac's "California Love".

This video is dedicated to those who stood and watched the band perform on the streets.

Debut album: The Message available now on iTunes

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Shla po Dublinu i slucajno natknulas na dovolno znamenituju irlandsih muzikantov)
летал с инструктором в Keywest на 9500 футов. блыо офигено и все нормально...всего летали 6,5ч....3ч туда и 3,5ч обратно)))
Бесплатный концерт на главной улице Дублина :)
Keywest.Местный квинтет ,вышли на улицу,разложились подключились, и зажгли так что перекрыли весь Grafton street. начал снимать когда последняя песня была,
уже устали было видно но все равно супер.22 июня 2014,Дублин.
One of Keywest's last days of busking - 1st October 2011

I'm just back from a short break in Dublin, Ireland and thought I would share some of the amazing talent on display on the Dublin streets. This band, Keywest, were playing on Grafton Street their new single, "Electric Love". I had a short chat with Sam Marder, the bass player, and bought their Album "The Message", which is excellent.

I want to wish the band every success with this new single and for their future career. These guys should be playing major venues soon, keep in touch with them at keywestof
Keywest // Little Lion Man (Cover)

Keywest performing a cover of "Little Lion Man", by Mumford & Sons, while busking live on Grafton Street.

Audio recorded with a Zoom H2

Edited using Pinnacle Studio HD.
Подписывайтесь, ставьте лайки!
This video was directed and shot by Mike Brough RTE, for my friends top Irish band Keywest who performed "Cold Hands" on Grafton St, Dublin,Ireland. Keywest, are a Dublin 5 piece rock/pop group who have been playing venues across the country as well as travelling to and from the US and UK recording their album. The band was formed by childhood friends Andrew Kavanagh and Andrew Glover and then joined by Eamon Hegarty and London lads , Sam Marder and James Lock, in early 2010. For more information on t