Keloid Trailer - A Short Film by BLR: [Keloid Trailer - A Short Film by BLR], Keloid Trailer: A Short Film by BLR, Keloid Trailer - A Short Film by BLR.mp4,

Keloid Trailer - A Short Film by BLR

A Short Film by Big Lazy Robot VFX

BLR are:

- Hugo Bermúdez
- Juan Civera
- David Cordero
- Alex Martin
- J.J Palomo
- Leopoldo Palomo

Concept Art : Aaron Beck, Greg Broadmore and BLR

Sound : Carlos Roman Rubio

Russian Voice Over : Gene Vengerov-Markmann

Music : Machine Gun (AMON TOBIN Remix) by NOISIA

---Based in Eliezer Yudkowsky A.I Box experiment---

Keloid Trailer - A Short Film by BLR
И снова о "плохих Русских" , хотя, может и получится и не о плохих , а о хороших,но гложут меня очень смутные сомненья. А так, дизайн мехов вполне реалистичный, да и по виду наклёвывается вторая матрица, только без матрицы и Киано Ривза,но с кровожадными роботами и получающими люлей Русскими.

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky* wrote about an experiment which had to do with Artificial Inteligence. In a near future, man will have given birth to machines that are able to rewrite their codes, to improve themselves, and, why not, to dispense with them. This idea sounded a little bit distant to some critic voices, so an experiment was to be done: keep the AI sealed in a box from which it could not get out except by one mean: convincing a human guardian to let it out.

What if, as Yudkowsky
Никто не сможет скрыться...

V-Ray es un motor de render usado como extensión para aplicaciones de gráficos por ordenador. Los principales desarrolladores de V-Ray son Vladimir Koylazov y Peter Mitev de Chaos Software production studio, establecidos en 1997 en Sofía, Bulgaria.