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Keane - Black Rain - информация об исполнителе
Keane - Black Rain
Премьера нового видео от британцев Keane.
I open my eyes, everything shines
We swim as the breeze blows down the coast
Down on my luck, breathing my last
Dirty old hands carry me home

Red sky turning round, black rain falling down
If you've got love You'd better hope that that's enough
Sandstorm cuts your skin, Black Kites circling
If you've got love You'd better hope that that's enough

We came from the south to Lebanon's shore
Folded our clothes, dived into peace
The blackest of seas glittering red
Lit by the fire over our heads

Red sky turnin
If you're far from the truth, it's quite dangerous to have what you want.
And only love that lives inside gives the strength to get out of the darkness of illusions and the conflict with yourself.

"...If you've got love you'd better hope that that's enough..."

The band KEANE; the song is "Black Rain" from the latest album "Strangeland"
Thanks for wathing.
2012.04.04 Live in Moscow,Arena Moscow

song: Keane - Black rain - music video contest
actor: Leopoldine Golunski
mua/hair: Sheila Renée Kirk
video assistance: Eric Pham
New song by Keane. I think it is great.

De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, 09/03/2012

Taken from the album, Strangeland, released 7th May 2012. Order it now:
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The official video for Keane's Black Rain was the winner of a competition.