Katatonia - The Longest Year: Katatonia - The Longest Year , Katatonia - The Longest Year (from The Longest Year ep), katatonia-the longest year-2010 год,

Katatonia - The Longest Year

Великая группа
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Promo for the ep title track from The Longest Year, on Peaceville Records, out on 15th March 2010, directed by Charlie Granberg.

press for Night is the New Day:

Possibly the greatest heavy record I have heard in the last t
Katatonia - The Longest Year [HD] (2010)
Клипы (6), Live (7) > http://vk.cc/1jyUWS

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Невероятно атмосферное зрелище...
From "Night Is The New Day"
Видеоклип шведской металлической группы, снятый в постапокалиптическом стиле.
Video for the song "The Longest Year" off the album "Night Is The New Day" by Katatonia.
Second video from new album "Night Is The New Day
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Новый клип шведской группы Katatonia.
2nd video incluido en el EP The Longest Year...

Katatonia live. Taken from "Last Fair Day Gone Night DVD (live at KOKO)".
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track #19

Katatonia - The Longest Year Live HD (Ciampino 21/11/2012)

New song from the "Night is The New Day" Album
Шведы из Стокгольма. Так сказать ассы готики. Не дешевой, а умной и глубокой готики...
"Night is The New Day" Album я бы перевел - Новый день рождается ночью
The Longest Year -название песни переводят как "Самый длинный год". Как то коряво звучит и не передает сути.Я бы трактовал как Затянувшееся время (т.е. пора заканчивать со всем этим...).
Hi, this is my own version of one of my favourite songs of a great Swedish metal band!) Sorry I don't have a good voice but I love this song and tried my best... You are welcome to give your feedback, regards



The Parting
My Twin
Burn the Remembrance
The Racing Heart
The Longest Year
Soil's Song
Sweet Nurse
Ghost of the Sun
Day and Then the Shade

Dead Letters

Katatonia performing The Longest Year, from their album Night is the New Day in Paris.

Katatonia - The Longest Year (Live at Wellmont Theater Montclair, NJ 4/19/13)<br/><br/>
Katatonia "The Longest Year" Live in Denver on Sept. 14, 2012. http://katatonia.com ~ http://superskum.com. Primary cam by Carlos Reali.

Katatonia's Dead Ends of Europe tour at The Circus, Helsinki Finland 11.11.2012

Live at Sticky Fingers Gothenburg / Göteborg 13th of November on the Dead Ends of Europe Tour (w, Junius and Alcest).
Shot with a iPhone 5.
The Longest Year is from the album "Night is the new day"

KATATONIA "Night Is The New Day"
the longest year
in the nights of old i always wished
in the longest year that had me down
and i would freeze if you ever asked me
that was my way

confront the guilt and try to overcome
do not go away
i'm not there yet

i can see fire
when i fall behind
when i give up
my thoughts redefined
how cold is the flame
of our uncompromising future
how cold is the sun

the city lights are fading still
the coming sky so white
and i'm the dark of this our new day
Night of the Prog Festival Loreley Germany 2012

Katatonia performing the song The Longest Year from the album Night Is The New Day. Live in Stockholm 2012-11-03