Kami Liddle Solo: Kami Liddle's Incredible Tribal Fusion Solo - Tribal Fest 8, Kami Liddle's Incredible Tribal Fusion Solo (2008), Kami Liddle's Incredible

Kami Liddle Solo

Kami Liddle's great solo from Menage at La Pena, April 30th, 2011. "Menage" was produced by Rebecca Vasile.
Kami Liddle returns to Tribal Fest (2008). Everyone was so incredibly happy to see Kami perform. Kami awed the crowds who stayed Sunday afternoon to see her. THANK YOU KAMI! You are incredible!
I ran across this performance from Kajira Djoumahna's first Maui Tribal Intensive. I just couldn't help but post it. Its a great performance from right when Kami was just getting into the big the scene. You can see why she made it, girl's got skillz!
An Improv Drum Solo
Raqs Britania
Manchester, England
Beautiful Kami Liddle performed at Tribal Fest 10.