KTA Sri Lanka Trip 2012 смотреть онлайн

KTA Sri Lanka Trip 2012

Straight after the huge China event, KTA co-founder Willy Kerr, and myself decided to go check out what Sri Lanka had to offer as a future competition site, along with KTA competitor Yo Narapichit Pudla,, 2 times Asian FS champion and Ozone teamrider. No video was planned at the start, but after dislocating my shoulder in shallow lagoon waters 4 days after our arrival, I had plenty of time to shoot a little something to document the spot ! So when the guys at Kitesurfing Lanka proposed us a 2 days trip to dream spot, a 20 kms offshore sandbank with glassy waters all the way and roots style camping overnight in the middle of nowhere, I jumped on the boat with everyone and tried to shoot as good as I could. It was quite a challenge to hold the cams with a shaky arm since it was only a few days after the dislocation, so please be indulgent on the few trembling shots ! Special thanks to "Papa", Leo's dad who was the only doctor on site and has put my shoulder back in after a 2 hours b