KATHAARSYS DARKNESS: Kathaarsys - Darkness, Kathaarsys - Darkness смотреть онлайн


Shot in a controlled studio with a 2 Kg octopus from Muxía, that was returned to the sea. Outdoors at Vedra council in A Coruña.

Shot with a Panasonic HVX 200E, the footage at 720p50 (50 fps), and a Sony HC7 with footage at 1080i50.

the octopus: Octavio
the girl: Navia Rendo
the group: Kathaarsys

idea: Fernando Lema. Abelardo Rendo, Kathaarsys
production: Kathaarsys

direction: Fernando Lema and Abelardo Rendo
photography direction: Paco Rocha
camera: Gonzalo Súarez and Fernando Lema
edition: Fernando Lema

special thanks:
Fer, Abelardo, Paco, Gonzalo e Josetxo and the man at the bar in Muxía.