Junior Boys - Banana Ripple: Junior Boys - Banana Ripple (STAY + Remix) formerly Christian AIDS, Banana Ripple - Stay+Junior Boys

Junior Boys - Banana Ripple

Directed By Rollo Jackson

Junior Boys are to release a 12" with remixes of the track Banana Ripple, taken from their recent It's All True LP. The 12" will be available from 26th September and will feature remixes from Two Bears (Raf Daddy and Joe Goddard) as well as Stay+ (formerly Christian Aids). The remixes will also be available digitally.

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Music video by Junior Boys performing Banana Ripple.
Music video for Junior Boys -'Banana Ripple'

Девятиминутное космическое видео канадского дуэта, специально состаренное так, чтобы оно выглядело как кинохроника восьмидесятых.
Res ipsa loquitur Free MP3 http://soundcloud.com/dominorecordco/junior-boys-banana-ripple-stay
Still one of my fav bands