Joonas Hahmo - Sound Of Sunday: Joonas Hahmo - Sound of Sunday- очень плохая музыка, Joonas Hahmo - Sound Of Sunday (Original Mix), CJ Tigra @ Masquerade

Joonas Hahmo - Sound Of Sunday

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Yeahhhhhh.... So basically my other account, which had this video on it, got banned or whatever you call it. I was very upset. But despite this fact, I'm re-uploading this video for Joonas Hahmo because he told me not to delete it. Obviously it's not Hardcore (sorry Hardcore fans xD) but hopefully you'll still give this guy some support. :D

This is Sound of Sunday by Joonas Hahmo.

Album: Together/Sound of Sunday

Enjoy! :)

P.S. for all you guys who love the picture in the video, h
Dang guys! 10000 views?! (I need to upload more of his stuff....) xD

Another Joonas Hahmo Song: Sound Of Sunday.

Album: Together/ Sound Of Sunday - EP

Please Enjoy as Usual :D

The Wallpaper came from wallpaper abyss. Here's the link:
самый позитивный трек...