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Jim Carrey "Creep"

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Джим Керри исполняет кавер на Radiohead в нью-йоркском баре и вполне неплохо справляется с этой задачей. Таким мы его ещё не видели!
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High Quality, edited, NOT from a cell phone, provided by the good people at Arlene's Grocery. Carey starts out by joking, "This is my new anthem," something you don't see in the viral video and an obvious reference to his recent video about Emma Stone. This was recorded September 9th. He does a great job!
Несравненный Джеймс Юджин Керри
"Arlene's Grocery" is a bar and music venue in the Lower East Side, Manhattan. It is located at 95 Stanton Street.
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Jim Carrey Covers Radiohead's "Creep"
Fire Marshall Bill stopped by Arlene's Grocery on Manhattan's Lower East Side to show off his musical talents
Arlene's Grocery - www.pbase.com/enigmawmn/gallery/arlenesgrocery

Jim Carry sings "I started a joke" by the bee gee's and "Creep" by radiohead @ Arlene's world famous rock and roll karaoke on friday. On his birthday