Jim Carrey "Bullet With Butterfly Wings": Jim Carrey - Bullets with Butterfly Wings, Jim Carrey Covers Bullets With Butterfly Wings at Arlene's Grocery - The

Jim Carrey "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"

with Arlene's Grocery Rock 'n' Roll Karaoke Band

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*Warning - Strong Language!!!* You may have heard... Jim Carrey stopped by New York City's Arlene's Grocery Friday, September 9th. He called ahead and asked the house band to learn three songs, "Creep," "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" and "I Started A Joke." "Creep," shot from a cell phone in the wrong position, became a viral sensation. This is the real video of "Bullets With Butterfly Wings." High Res file compliments of Arlene's Grocery. Enjoy

Arlene's Grocery - www.pbase.com/enigmawmn/gallery/arlenesgrocery