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Jesse Richman

Джесси Richman является профессиональным кайтсерфером, добившимся мирового рекорда во время Red Bull King of the Air, пролетев до 240 метров (790 футов) над ущельем реки Колумбия в Орегон. Этого никто не делал раньше.

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Instagram video by Jesse Richman • Dec 30, 2016
“World Champion”, “World Record holder”, “King of the Air”. . . kiter Jesse Richman has added a hefty stack of impressive titles to his belt over the years. Tireless in his mental and physical training, always pushing the limits, Jesse is as committed and fearless as they come. Whether surfing 30-foot swells at Jaws (Peahi, Maui), kiting across the entire Great Barrier Reef and flying upwards of 60-feet on his Naish Torch, if something involves extreme kiting, you can be sure Jesse is there to meet the
Jesse Richman looking like a super hero.
30 knots and 10M kite. Jesse jumped the gap twice, this was the bigger of the two.

Get inside the head of 18 year old all-or-nothing rider, Jesse Richman, 2x time World Champion from Maui.
Shawn Jess Richman Kiteboarding at kite beach, maui. Expression session!

Top pro kiters Shawn and Jesse throw down during the 2010 MaiTai Camp, while ShadowBox units attached to their boards record every aspect of their rides.
Professional kiteboarder Jesse Richman spent a couple of days with us in the Gorge, here is a clip of some of the action.
December 26, 2013
The Xensr team takes you into another dimension of kiteboarding with Jesse Richman and Patri McLaughlin at Maui, Hawaii's famous surf break, Pe'ahi aka: JAWS! Scoring a killer session to themselves they push themselves deeper into the pit of Jaws! Check out more at

Жизнь - фруктовый коктейль! Сегодня-банановый завтра - клубничный! Jesse Richman наслаждается этой жизнью. Сегодня - каталка, завтра - дайвинг. На Гавайях всё прекрасно!
Brothers and professional kite boarders, Jesse and Shawn Richman battle it out with the XensrCase, trying to see who can boost the biggest. Just an average day on Maui, Hawaii, but the bro's throw down to make the most of it and the XensrCase proves it. Check out more at
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Jesse Richman Tow Up
Congratulations to Jesse Richman, who is the 2016 AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year. filmed by Petole Productions Follow us at: Facebook: Instagram: @naish_kiteboarding
Vote here : MUSIC : Led Zeppelin Vs. Gramatik — Stairway To Hip-Hop Heaven Production : Petole Prod ( Filmers : Olivier SAUTET / Ryan TOASPERN (Jaws footage)
This is Jesse Richman, NOT Kai Lenny. Sorry everyone for the mistake!!

Filmed from a DJI Inspire 1.

Watch 2013's Red Bull King of the Air perform a 790-foot tow-up over the Colombia River Gorge in Oregon. This stunt has never been accomplished by a kiteboarder before.

Stunt man -- Jesse Richman
Stunt Coordinator -- Jon (Bam Bam) Malberg
Director/Cameraman - Michael Peterson

Edit: Olivier Sautet

Production Crew
Director/Cameraman - Michael Peterson
Additional Camera work:
Kevin Tokstad
Kevin Donald
Rod Parmenter
Bryan Metcalf Perez
Still Phot
Vote for Jesse! He's got it all from riding giant waves at JAWS to hardcore freestyle! LIKE his video here: DIRECTOR : Olivier SAUTET
Автор: Woo Sports
Где-то в норвежских фьёрдах Джесси опять отмочил нереально длинный прыжок.
Внимательно следите за таймером в левом нижнем углу :)
Кстати, рекорд в 22 секунды он установил еще девять лет назад.

Оригинальное видео на FB:
The Naish groms play hookie for a day of kiteboarding, on Maui, with Kai Lenny, and brothers, Jesse Richman and Shawn Richman.

Join Jesse Richman and other Naish team riders for another #NaishBash down at the Gorge in Hood River Oregon: July 3–5. They will be there demo-ing our latest gear and teaching groms how to kite with tandem boards and trainer kites on the beach.

Check out the Facebook Event page for more details:
Naish Kiteboarding Page: https://