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Jesse Green

Jesse Green - Nice and Slow
Artist: Jesse Green
Title: Nice 'n Slow
Broadcast date: 3-7-1976
TV program: TopPop
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Ямайский певец, музыкант. Родился 5 июля 1948 года. Полное имя - Локсли Альфонсо Грин.
Vídeo Remasterizado Y Audio Equalizado: Continuando con el ciclo setentero les dejo este video de 1976 del que aún cuando hay varias copias algunas con buena calidad, ninguna con la nitidez y alta definición de imagen de esta que he remasterizado para todos ustedes.
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Jesse Green -- Nice And Slow :: Lyrics :: Wo-o-o, wo-o-o, wo-o-o, wo-o-o
I feel so good ¡like a lover should!
You set my soul on fire
You get me gone, go on and on
And see the flames grow higher

Wo-o-o, wo-o-o, wo-o-o, wo-o-o

We got it made, don't let it fade, keep movin' on
You get me gone, go on and on
And see the flames grow higher

Let's keep it high, don't let it die, keep a groovin' on

Nice and slow
Nice and slow
Nice and slow
Jesse Green - Nice -N Slow (HQ)
Taken from the Jesse Boykins III MeLo-X single 'I'm New Here' - released December 10th 2012 on Ninja Tune.

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Chrono Trigger dubstep mix from Jesse P Productions. Memories of Green (c) Jesse P Productions 2011.


"DISCO EXPLOSION" posiblemente el mejor grupo de Facebook en música "Disco-Classic".
This is a cover I did for fun. The original song is written and performed by Anthony Green. It is from the album "Avalon". This song is a great example of "less is more". The simplicity of it speaks volumes. Hope you enjoy.
Sunshine Sound released acetates of mixes by famous DJs of the time in extremely short runs. The acetates were cut between 1974-1982 and sold at lo...
"DISCO EXPLOSION" posiblemente el mejor grupo de Facebook en música "Disco-Classic".Búscame......
An interview with Jesse Malin on Little Steven's Underground Garage Show where he talks about recording with Green Day on the project "Depression Times".

The song is available for download from

Check out Jess Yen using H2Ocean's amazing Blue Green Foam Soap on this colorful tattoo!
A black children's singing game performed by a group of women in Como, Miss. Moby sampled this song for his song Flower.

Um daqueles balanços legais dos anos 70, não ficou entre as 100 mais tocadas no Brasil em 1976. Amaury Júnior tocava constantemente em seu programa de TV...
Jess Malin and st marks sociai with special guest Billie joe Armstrong Bad Brains Pay to cum

Classy Disco From 1976.. :p
Jesse Green - Come with me
Jesse Green - Nice And Slow (1976) DJ Shuy Master Armendariz Jurassic Party
Featuring Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant and Jesse Burnett of Stick To Your Guns!
Jesse Green - Nice & Slow
♫ █▬█ █ ▀█▀ ♫
Jesse Green - Nice And Slow - Grandes Hit's.
Leon PARKER (dms lead), Jessie DAVIS (sax), Giovanni MIRABASSI (p), Thomas BRAMERIE (b)
Ce sont ses collaborations avec Elisabeth Kontomanou et Giovanni Mirabassi qui lont révélé au public, habitué à lentendre en tant que sideman.
Ici leader, il convie le saxophoniste alto Jesse Davis et le pianiste Giovanni Mirabassi pour jouer les compositions des trois compères. Le batteur instinctif rencontre le pianiste lyrique et le maître du be bop. La magie opère donnant lieu à une parfaite symbiose.<br/><br/>
Jesse tries his best to make conversation during an extremely awkward and uncomfortable dinner invitation. Check out my other Br Ba related videos:

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Colleen Green - "Jesse Has a New Girl" Live at Burgerama III with Jam in the Van.

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The 3 children brucesterrr Hugo and Charlie
Here is our cover of Wake Me Up When September Ends. Thanks for watching :)