Jermaine (3): MICHAEL JACKSON: Inside NEVERLAND RANCH with Jermaine Jackson Part 8 - July 3, 2009, Jermaine Jackson Speaking On Death Of Whitney Houston Part

Jermaine (3)

Jermaine Jackson speaking on the shocking death of Whitney Houston February 11, 2o12
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Beckford scores an outrageous goal from 50 yards for Preston North End against Chesterfield.
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You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through a Brother's Eyes

'This is the truth as we know it. I have read so much about what people think they know about Michael, but this is about what really happened.' Jermaine Jackson

You Are Not Alone is an intimate, loving portrait of Michael Jackson, illuminating the private man like never before. It is an invitation into Michael's real character, private insights and hidden feelings: the innermost thoughts of a fiercely private individual.

Jermaine Jackson knew Michael like only a brother can. In You Are Not Alone Jermaine brings light to the man behind the mask of superstardom, an identity that has lingered in the shadows for too long. You Are Not Alone is a celebration of the real Michael: the boy who shared a tiny bunkbed with Jermaine at 2300 Jackson Street, Gary, Indiana; the brother with whom Jermaine shared laughter, tears and memories; the boy who would grow up to become a leg

The list of players who extended their careers by playing in Phoenix has grown one longer with the addition of Jermaine O'Neal. That, combined with the crazy German-knee-plasma-centrifuge thing he got done over the summer, has made him into a serviceable player once again.

I didn't know he could even still dunk, much less throw two down in the same game. It's like watching DeAndre Jordan out there. I'm pretty sure he got his head above the rim on the second one.

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6/17/06. Winky Wright vs Jermain 'Bad Intentions' Taylor for Taylor's undisputed middleweight title.
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