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Jedward - Bad Behaviour

Такие милые ^^
Премьера! Видеоклип Jedward на песню Bad Behaviour. Ребята отжигают!
Премьера! Видеоклип Jedward на песню Bad Behaviour. Ребята отжигают!

Jedward-Bad Behaviour
Music video by Jedward performing Bad Behaviour. (C) 2011 Planet Jedward, Under Exclusive Licence to Universal Music Ireland
прикольные мальчики))
Клипы HD -
Jedwards new single "Bad Behaviour" coming out on July 1st!

© 2011 Universal Music Ireland

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Twitter: @planetjedward
Youtube: JedwardTV
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
2011-07-20 Jedward *Bad Behaviour* (Live Gig Autogrammstunde/ Saturn Alexanderplatz / Berlin)

очень нравиться группа я с сума схожу от них))

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
John and Edward performing 'Bad Behaviour' on Easter Sunday in The Garage
in Hamburg/ Germany, Victory Tour 2012 :D
Bad Behaviour at Sommarlov [Sweden]

Jedward's performance in Sweden
о даа девочки ммм какие мысли циркулируют у меня в голове при виде этого видео ахах :)

7/1/12 jedward and the beanstalk - bad behaviour :-)

I do not own anything, buy their new single "Bad Behaviour" July 1st! Their new video is out! Go find it at


Jedward singing Behaviour, John gets pulled into the audience

Jedward Bad Behaviour Tour Killarney 22/04/11
Last but one show of the Irish Victory Tour.
Twitter: @smiley_jedi
The new single from Jedward - Bad Behaviour. Out July 1st 2011.

the twins were amazing, just amazing. unfortunately loads of the ppl in the audience werent. if I'm bruised today? yeah I'm bruised today! BUT AS SAID, JOHN AND EDWARD DID GREAT!
Данное видео находится в группе ☜♡☞| JEDWARD | Music | Photos | Videos| Biography |☜♡☞JEDWARD
Ireland's Eurovision Song Contest entry for May 2011

Drogheda 10-04-2011

Jedward singing their own song Bad Behaviour at Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden! 17-09-2011

Sorry if it's bad sometimes, it's filmed with my iPhone

Jedward ♥

John and Edward Grimes, live at Rock Cafe, Tallinn, Estonia.
29.01.2012, the 18:30 concert. (:

Those tops... (Y)
And ignore the moments when they split and I can't decide which one to follow.

John and Edward sing Bad Behaviour after only bringing home beans instead of money

Twitter: @smiley_jedi

Jedward singing Bad Behaviour.Castlebar 10/8/12 (Apologies about the shaking in the video,i was standin on me chair rockin back + forth Lol!)

Live @Saturn, Alexanderplatz Berlin

jedward bad behaviour live childline 2011

John and Edward we are super excited to Bad Behaviour are you we are staying up to midnight

Heard this song on a film-thought it might work Enjoy! :D @Jedwardrdabest
Jedward new song for there 2011 tour including some photos featuring there gay times interview and posters for the tour.

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Премьера новой песни Jedward "Bad Behaviour"

Jedward performing song "Bad Behaviour".
Rock Cafe, Tallinn, Estonia 29.01.2012

Have fun xDD

When you have questions:
jedward bad behvaiour live at glasgow green 30/07/11

If I write that the song isn't mine, but from Jedward (as I wrote in the title) and their label, will YouTube stop telling me there are other people's content in my videos?| I know they all are, @Karaoke you sing others' songs and at concerts you hear songs from the band you went to see| That's obvious|<br/><br/>
Swedish fans are singing Bad Behaviour for Jedward =:D

Jedward playing Bad Behaviour at Newcastle City Hall 30/11/11
Более-менее вживую спели.
Это не перепевка. Перепевка будет с Лилей. Это в тот же день, просто другая запись и мне кажется что я здесь лучше спелоа:').
Short clip of Jedward singing Bad Behaviour in Arklow 6/5/12

Just a short wee video of John and Edward singing 'Bad Behaviour', with a fan in the middle of them, outside Tallinn airport in Estonia
Exclusive high pitch new 2011 chipmunk sound,check it out ! Best luck to Jedward with Bad Behaviour.
MTV behind the scenes on Jedwards new video Bad Behaviour - just missed the start (sorry for random laughing but they are too funny!)
Jedwards new album Victory out in Ireland 5th Aug, out in Uk 15th August. BUY IT!
Jedward performing Bad Behaviour and a bit of Lipstick as their 'encore' song at Blackpool Opera House 2.12.11

Jedward performing bad behaviour outside the mayfair hotel :)
Bad Behaviour
Offenbach, Germany

Victory Tour
they are so perfect i can't even explain it! such an amazing song :)

performs in Sweden

Jedward takes the bathtempature

Live från Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sverige den 17/9-2011
Camera: Dajana C.
Feel free to check out her blog:
Piano: my humble self xP

[worked out by myself]

Intro: Am;C;Dm;F
Chorus: Am;C;G;F
Bridge: Am;C;Dm;F
Refrain: Am;C;Dm;F (2x) _ Am;C;G;F (2x)
'Tell me, t-tell me' - Part: F;Am;C;Dm;F;Am;C;G

A special thanks goes to John Edward. :D
Thanks for this catchy song! xP
You guys totally RA-A-AWK!

Fanvideo to John and Edward!

ganska hyffsad för att vara gjord i Windows Movie Maker.

Bad behaviour live in hamburg september the 18th!
Jedward singing their new single Bad Behaviour (:

Jedward Bad Behaviour/Under Pressure live at Cheerios Childline 12/11/11.
INEC Killarney 13th of August 2011

Live Performance On Alan Titchmarsh Show
3 gig, 16th September 2011
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I love this remix of Bad Behaviour!
Is just the song! nothing else.
Hope u like it!
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Jedward in Sweden 27th of January 2012

The Bad Behaviour Tour
Cork Opera House, 06.04.11
Ok so many people want to know if they swear or when so this is the times I can remember there might be more idk ;) BUT THIS IS NOT A HATE VIDEO- I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!

Jedward talking and getting Easter eggs thrown at them:)
Highlights from the first half of the show! Filmed in Killarney and Dublin
JEDWARD Bad Behaviour Tour Waterford 16/4/11 . Comment And Rate :)
Jedward singing Bad Behaviour on the UK Tour in Leicester, pretty cool :3
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All Rights Of This Song Belong To 'JEDWARD'
I do not own any of the music content.. except my cheering in the background :3
Рапунцель Запутанная история)))
by Theodore Seville (_id87152144_)
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LOVE YAZ!! xxxxxxx


Taken me nearly 50 hours to make this, had to improvise on some scenes, especially Perezs clothing LOL! Hope you enjoy it!! Hope to see you soon and hope your mum likes this one haha :P LOVE U GUYS SEE YOU SOON !!! Plz tweet me and send to Perez if you get the chance ahaha LOVE U SOOO MUCH, Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx =:) xoxo
Hier sehen Sie live von der ersten Reihe aufgenommen leider in nicht so guter Qualität das Lied "Bad Behaviour" von Jedward! Es wurde am 20.09.2011 auf dem Konzert im Batschkapp Frankfurt aufgenommen.
John and Edward join in with a flash mob by fans to promote the Bad Behaviour single in Jubilee Gardens, London. 05/07/2011.

3rd Video- Oooooh, messed upa few times again but nobody is perfect (except the twins) haha. THANKS FOR WATCHING =:)
Jedheads rule ok?
John performing from a wheelchair because he slipped and bruised his ankle during a gig on the Bad Behaviour Tour. Edward had been on crutches and in a wheelchair previously, when he hurt his knee at T4, but had recovered! This is John here though. :) x

I Have Created A Video Of Some Iconic Times Jedward Were "Bad"
Here Are Some Clips Wear They Have Sworn Or Just Said Dirty Things :D

I Love Jedward!! So If You Want To Comment Hate Then Be My Guest But It Will Just Get Deleted Cause I Don't Give A Monkeys :D!

If You Have Found I Have Used A Clip You Have Uploaded And Are Not Happy With It Then Send Me A Message And I Hope We Can Try And Come To Some Agreement Over It.

John and Edward get given a Piñata by a fan and Edward eats some of the sweets, while John takes it and kicks it. He says he was only kicking it gently and gives it a big hug. Edward says it needs a lot of pets and John wants to start a campaign to save them. Then its into 'Bad Behaviour'. TLT Drogheda

Music Copyright of UMG