Javier Colon "Loving You": Javier Colon - I WIll Always Love You (Whitney Houston cover), Javier Colon - When Love Dont Love You Back ( NEW SONG 2012 ) Lyrics

Javier Colon "Loving You"

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/derniere-nouveaut%C3%A9-quelque-flash-back-dartistes-peu-connue-en-France/155098171239772 It'a a quarter to three, know I'mma leave, you'll be with me now
But that was all before, the world keep falling down
Girl, you are mine, natural high, took me to the stars
Never knew how much it hurts crashing back to Earth
And I can't believe I didn't see the coldest in your eyes
And however kiss, always left me with a bitter taste of you