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Japanther performs She's the one live at Serret Metal Works/ Gowanus Ballroom 5/12/12 Watch in 720p HD, like, favorite, comment, share, and subscribe for more videos.

Video by Chad von Nau, Set by Devin Flynn

Japanther, "Stolen Flowers" (Official Music Video)
Directed by Mason Orfalea
(Watch in HD.)
Official music video for The Coup's "Long Island Iced Tea, Neat" from the album "Sorry to Bother You," out now! Video Animation by Kelly Gallagher 2013-- www.purpleriot.com
[*View in 720p for best quality.]

Artist: Japanther
Song: Something To Do
Album: Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart

Director: Jesus Rivera (Demonbabies)

Assistant Director: Noelle Cichon
Shot & Edited by Demonbabies
Production Assistant: David Perdido

Christopher Sprague
Trevor Banta
Noelle Cichon
Preston Thalindroma
Japanther //
Whippersnapper Gallery //
March 11th, 2010 //

japanther play a fort. it was real. then it was destroyed.

JAPANTHER live at Lincoln Center, NYC
The Rock and Roll Circus Show.
January 3rd 2011


Rad America is gonna exist if we just keep on fuckin' eachother and making cool babies instead of like, assholes . . .big ups to drummer, Ian Vanek, who doesn't stop playing even when his whole set is knocked over.

Japanther @ SXSW 2011

Japanther playing at the Middle East Club on Wednesday, November 5, 2012.
"First Of All". © Filmed by Scott Murry.
"music used by permission of the artist"
How to have fun at a Japanther show: See: Dude in red shirt.
"Radical Businessman"
By Japanther Spank Rock
from Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt
on Wantage Records
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Art Director:


Filmed on Brooklyn roofs — and Queens waves ~~

Video by Chad von Nau.
Art direction by Asa Kawano.
Camera by Darryl Nau and Jared Martin.

http://japanther.com -

Dangerous When Wet - Japanther and the syncrhronized swim team Aquadoom
www.peacezdes.ru - Маяк в Мире Музыки
"music used by permission of the artist"
Hula Hoopin to Japanther in my room in April of 2010

New Music video for Japanther's Spread So Thin. Directed by Joe Stakun.
Japanther live at Solar 1 in New York City on July 2, 2006.

For an indexed overview of all un:ART:ig recordings please refer to http://unartignyc.com/recordings/
Japanther was originally supposed to be an art project, and maybe they still are. The brash Brooklyn duo has won people over with wild unconventional live shows: The band has performed with synchronized swimmers and marionette puppets, on the Williamsburg bridge and on the back of a truck. Yet at the heart of those bizarre art experiments, Japanther's hooky punk songs are sure to get a crowd flailing and dancing with abandon. Together, it's this mix of fierce immediacy and atypical high concepts that makes
River Phoenix by Japanther featuring live performances on 5/07 and 5/08.

Japanther - Matt Reilly & Ian Vanek at EPHEMEROPTERAE˜ V/XV+ at TBA21 Augarten, Vienna - June 29, 2012
Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary-Augarten
(performer, audience, word, spoken, garden, friday, evening, vienna, austria)
V / XV+
29 June 2012
Ephemeropterae˜ -- the term for insects that live only a day -- oscillate between oral histories and storytelling, poetry and music, lecture, comment, rant
Japanther, with Ian Vanek on drums and Matt Reilly on bass, warming up and playing the first part of their set at the Kitsch Gallery in San Francisco. The stage was built as an art installation entitled "Past from the Blast" by artist John Arnold Felix III.

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Footage I shot in Long Beach. Watch, enjoy, & support!!

video of japanther song Divorce. Directed by jason p. grisell

Japanther "First of all" at VLHS (Pomomo). Show with Stoned at Heart, Dad Punchers, Spoonboy. 2/15/13

Description à compléter

I made this at CalArts to "um like yer smile is totally ruling me right now" by japanther. I used aftereffects, illustrator, istopmotion. Animation // Video // Drawing // Magic.

video by Lila Burns 2009 @CALARTS

Japanther, with Ian Vanek on drums and Matt Reilly on bass, warming up and playing the first part of their set at the Kitsch Gallery in San Francisco. The stage was built as an art installation entitled "Past from the Blast" by artist John Arnold Felix III.

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1. 0:00 Dump The Body In Rikki Lake
2. 1:15 Critical
3. 5:51 Super Tap
4. 8:01 Energy
5. 10:20 Super Loser
6. 14:21 Claudia's Symptoms
7. 18:25 Reap What You Sew
8. 19:31 Gimme The Map
9. 22:24 Public Square
10. 25:10 Symptoms Keyed
11. 29:31 16 Stories High
12. 34:57 Pleased To Meet You
13 38:13 Symptoms Vocal
14. 42:32 ... Of Dogs
15. 45:29 Metal Bike
16. 49:11 Pleased 2
Sunken City (San Pedro), The Smell (LA) & The Stork Club (Oakland)
Japanthers music is, all at the same time, poignant, intense, danceable and fun. While they often refer to themselves as "more of an art project than a band" Japanther gets points for making some of the most memorable, hummable and fun music of any art project in recent memory. Japanther is part Screamers intensity, part Misfits anthemery, part RZA samples/beats and part Lightning Bolt art/freakshow.
Japanther. SXSW 2012 " please dont leave me baby come back home" Japanther @ Domy Books Austin Tx March 15 2012
Japanther performs $100 Cover, Challenge and Take Me In And Let Me Go at the International Loft of Bushwick, 4/14/2013.
A pretty good song by a pretty good band. This is just what I imagined whenever this song came on my ipod, so I decided to make this :)
w/ Love Cop || Ben Katzman's DeGreaser || Scott Yoder (of THE PHARMACY) || Mister Tang || Montana de Oro in Portland, OR

Japanther playing live at a Todd P 4th of July Rooftop show in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City in 2006.

Japanther playing Challenge live on a rooftop in Brooklyn, New York City on the 4th of July 2006. There's a little bit of the Macy's fireworks in the background too.

For an indexed overview of all un:ART:ig recordings please refer to http://unartignyc.com/recordings/
Seriously lo-fi punk/hardcore sweetness.
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The video features stop motion animation by Amber B. Dianda. The band is auctioning off a small number of original animation cells to benefit a depression/anxiety charity - you can pick up your own right here: http://bit.ly/I53jzx

"Beets, Limes & Rice," is now available on Recess Records, Lauren Records, and Tapes Records.


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Videos, daily e
Directed by Japanther
From "Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart" 2013
Japanther - The Dirge (Official Music Video)
Directed by Mike Reynolds

"music used by permission of the artist"
Trash Art and Music Festival - July 31st, 2011
Kensington Market

The Brooklyn duo of Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek takes center stage, rocking hard with a rousing rendition of its single "Do It." Clearly, these guys ...
As part of the opening of Ballroom Marfa's 2007 exhibition "Deep Comedy," curated by Dan Graham, Brooklyn-based punk-rock duo Japanther presented a jump-in-the-fire performance of “Laugh Dance,” a work conceived and performed with New York dance company robbinschilds. March 23, 2007. Video by Vicente Celis.

Japanther www.myspace.com/officialjapanther

Japanther perform as part of the musical component of "Take Me With You" a series put on by Whippersnapper Gallery in Toronto. "Take Me With You is a three month summer series of artistic and musical exhibitions, multidisciplinary events, and public interventions by emerging artists, bands and creative collectives from Canada, the United States, and Brazil. Compelled to re-imagine the use, importance, and social significance of objects and materials cast away by others, these artists take the “discarded
Brooklyn punk duo Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly smash out "100 dollar cover" during the Upstairs at the Square: Writers and Artists Mixed event hosted by Katherine Lanpher on May 26, 2009. Also interviewed: writer China Mieville, and broadcast on www.bn.com. "Japanther remains one of New York's most under-rated acts," says Pitchfork Media, "a lean slam boogie machine with no time for boredom" - Arthur Magazine.

"music used by permission of the artist"
thx to janiceofcourse for letting me know the song name!

from japanther w/ trash trash trash & style wars screening, 1/11/2007. japanther explodes all over your insides with heartfelt intensity. there's so much going on in these videos that a description cannot encapsulate it.


JAPANTHER (USA) в Москве! 31.10 @ Manifest:

Performance collaboration between Japanther + artists Aarum Alatorre, Noah Malone, Audrey Densmore, and Christi Baquet. Took place at CalArts on February 6, 2014. Songs included: Japanther's "Breb Your Revel" followed by "Onandoga" Video shot by Cole Mercier Video cut by Audrey Densmore