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Jackie DeShannon

"Put A Little Love in Your Heart" by Jackie DeShannon

Think of your fellow man
Lend him a helping hand
Put a little love in your heart
You see it's getting late
Oh, please don't hesitate
Put a little love in your heart

And the world will be a better place
And the world will be a better place
For you and me
You just wait and see

Another day goes by
Still the children cry
Put a little love in your heart
If you want the world to know
We won't let hatred
Jackie DeShannon - What The World Needs Now Is Love 1965
Американская певица, автор песен, музыкант. Родилась 21 августа 1941 года. Н. имя - Шарон ли Майерс.
Jackie DeShannon recorded this Bachrach/David song in March of 1965. A classic performance!

This song, and Needles and Pins, widely introduced the 12-string jangle guitar sound that became a signature of early folk rock. Written by DeShannon and covered by several artists, most notably by Liverpool beat group, The Searchers. DeShannon wrote and released the song as a B-side in 1963. It was latter re-released as an A-side in 1964.

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Jackie DeShannon - When You Walk In The Room (Hullabaloo)

Bonus track on reissue of Breaking it up on the BEATLES tour

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A classic song performed here by the lovely Jackie DeShannon. It was written by the late great Sonny Bono.
1965 год, очень зажигательное исполнение этой песни.
Jackie DeShannon (born Sharon Lee Myers on August 21, 1944 in Hazel, Kentucky ), is an American singer-songwriter with a string of hit song credits from the 1960s onwards. She was one of the first female singer-songwriters of the rock 'n' roll period.
This is a rarer appearance from "Hollywood Á Go Go" than the more common video version of "When You Walk in the Room", so quality is inferior. Aaah, look at those moves! Jackie sure rules!

Jackie DeShannon - What The World Needs Now (1965)

"What the World Needs Now Is Love" is a 1965 popular song with lyrics by Hal David and music composed by Burt Bacharach. First recorded and made popular by Jackie DeShannon, it was released on April 15, 1965, on the Imperial label after a release on sister label Liberty records the previous month was canceled. The song reached number 7 on the US charts in May of that year.

The song was originally offered to Dionne Warwick, who turned it down at the time; though she later recorded it for her album Here Wher
Jackie DeShannon - Something's Got a Hold of Me (1965)
"What the World Needs Now is Love" - Jackie DeShannon - Lyrics on screen and in description
(Dedicated to Miguel Lera and the FaceBook page SIGN FOR A BETTER WORLD)

"Every act of love is a work of peace no matter how small." ~ Mother Teresa

"It is time to fill the world with strong and powerful deeds. It is common knowledge that no great captain in the world has ever destroyed all of his enemies and lived with a sense of satisfaction. If one enemy is killed, two more will appear. It is important we cultiv
Оч классная причёска,оч классная песня,оч классная подтанцовка,и оч классное платье с бантиком..=))
This is so cool. An unreleased and wild song from 1958. Well, I guess they didn't want to release a song like this to people, who were just about to get used to Connie Francis (don't worry, I like her, too) and the likes. Jackie also often performed wearing tight dresses during the late 50's. The song sounds almost like a cross between Johnny Burnette Trio and Jerry Lee Lewis.

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The extremely talented, prolific and versatile Jackie DeShannon was one of the first successful female singer/songwriters to hit the rock and pop music scene back in the 60s. DeShannon has done music in such diverse genres as folk, orchestral pop, gospel, country and rock'n'roll. Jackie wa
American Bandstand. April 25, 1964. Full interview follows the performance.

Notice how she mistakenly starts too early at first. ;-) such a sweetheart! Sharon Lee Myers performing her OWN song at Hollywood a Go Go, with the original audio playback.

If you want a higher quality version of this, buy the DVD from Hollywood a Go Go!

lyrics (also by Jackie!):

I can feel a new expression on my face
I can feel a glowing sensation taking place
I can hear the guitars playing, lovely tunes
Everytime that you, walk in the room

I close my eyes for a second
Jacky appeared in a Dutch TV show called 'TV Magazine' in 1964. She is welcomed by host / popular singer Rob de Nijs.