Jabbawockeez (Solo): Ben Chung (Jabbawockeez) solo с элементами Krump'а, BZ Class - Ben Chung - solo... (Jabbawockeez), WHICH JABBAWOCKEEZ SOLO WAS THE BEST

Jabbawockeez (Solo)

My apologies for spelling Sacramento wrong!

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Webisode Sections:
Attraction to dance: 1:39
Beat Kune Do: 4:35
Synching up with Music: 9:16
Effective Dancing: 11:05
Knowing Music vs. Following Verbatim: 15:24
Artist's Connection to Improv/Freestyle Art: 20:45
Mental Game in Dancing: 24:13
Finale Freestyle: 28:28

Kevin Brewer aka KB is one of the original members of The Jabbawockeez. He is an amazing dancer who puts his body in harmony with music in such an in-depth manner. On this webisode, he breaks down his branded style of Beat Kune Do and talks about the power of freestyle while understanding oneself in movement. Enjoy this special webisode as the world will learn much from this.


"THE CALAMITY CORNER" is an online web series of breaking dialogue that consists of Tutorials, Interviews, Special Guests, more.

If you have any Quest

Im dancin to Noize by fingerbangers and the song wich is my fave building steam with a grain of salt :P hope yall like it :3

The opening of the Jabbawockeez's performance at Hawaii's LEVEL4. My cam only could shoot 90 sec of footage, and so when I saw Kevin take the stage first, I knew I had to use it for his sick intro. Jabba killed it of course, but watching Kevin do his thing live is amazing.



Celebity Millennium Ship Crew Talent Show performed by Jefferson Balanon with his Jabba Moves.