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J.Viewz - Oh, Something's Quiet

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Нежный видеоклип на трек J.Viewz - мульти-жанрового электронного проекта продюсера и ремиксера Jonathan Dagan.
Согласитесь, Любовь - это всегда красиво!
J.Viewz - Oh, Something's Quiet (feat. Kelli Scarr)
Очень красиво и нежно!
J.Viewz - Oh, Something's Quiet (feat Kelli Scarr)
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Sensual and delightful, isn't it? The single features singer Kelli Scarr (also known by her work with Moby)

'Oh, Something's Quiet' is taken from the album 'Rivers and Homes' by J.Viewz

Personally, I found J.Viewz's music approach different from many other's in a soft-intelligent-sensitive way. He never pushes the idea, neither pulls, instead he slightly opens, leaving the chance to observe the hole panorama by th
J.Viewz feat. Kelli Scarr -- Oh, Something's Quiet
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Oh, Something's quiet now. Is it inside my head? As we're looking at the mirror together. Something's quiet now. mmmm. Oh, Something's silent now, cause i'm wearing your pants, and we're starring at the TV together. Something's silent now. mmmm. And as the day breaks, The street below's alive Someone walks a dog outside afternoon sun wakes me up you're
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Just listen.


Kelli Scarr

Artwork by Inga Nielsen


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Artist: J.Viewz feat. Kelli Scarr
Song: Prelude / Oh, Something's Quiet (Mixed Version)
Album: Oh, Something's Quiet - EP (2010)

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Original taken from rivers and homes: http://www.jviewz.com | Written & Mixed by Jonathan Dagan | Vocals: Kelli Scarr | Drums: Tal Ronen | Keyboards: Yakir BT | Recorded @ Keoss Studios | Courtesy of Walla.co.il |