It was the light: to some it was the city of light, for clarke it was the city of lexa., Alyssa R Clemens on Instagram: “The drone...! Cut off that cat to get

It was the light

“The drone...! Cut off that cat to get this brat home. You can't tell from the video, but it was LOUD. It sounded great under light load, cruising speed.…”
“The magistral @maisonvalentino show was like a poem sent straight to our hearts. From darkness to light, it took us on a beautiful experience where…”
“I don't think being strong at 205 / light heavy weight will be a problem ! Today I pulled 495lbs for 5 reps easy ! Maybe it was the @lanaseggwhites I had…”
Please watch in Fullscreen HD with sound for best quality. "It was the light" is a time lapse piece consisting of over 40,000 still photographs shot on the Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 5D MarkII. I've always been fascinated by how diverse San Diego county is. You can visit the beach, mountains and desert in less than a two hour drive. I could take you to every single location in this film in the same day! Directed: Jeff Morris Filmed Edited: Jeff Morris Website Twitte
Giant loops of plasma above the Sun's surface are swaying back and forth, spanning distances up to an estimated 100,000 miles. The video clip covers about a day of activity viewed in extreme ultraviolet light. The loops actually are charged particles spiraling along numerous groups of magnetic field lines extending above active regions. Meanwhile, a darker, cooler mass of plasma swirled and twisted above the Sun in the upper left area of the frames. The video was captured Sept. 18-19, 2013 by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). SDO was launched in 2010, and is currently studying solar activity and how it causes space weather. Space weather affects our lives on Earth, and even satellites and astronauts out in space! SDO is helping us understand where the sun's energy comes from, what happens inside of the sun, and how energy is stored and released in the sun's atmosphere. By better understanding the sun and how it works, we will be able to better predict space weather events. Credit: NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory #sun #solarsystem #sdo #star #plasma #nasa #space #sunshine #igapp