Iron Man 2 VFX: Prologue Films - Iron Man 2 VFX Montage, Железный человек 2 (Prologue Films - Iron Man 2 VFX Montage), Prologue Films - Iron Man 2 VFX

Iron Man 2 VFX

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Prologue Films VFX montage of the workshop and garage of Tony Stark. The footage is remixed to show how Tony discovers the element vibranium. This amazing interactive interface is only applied to Tony's personal computer JARVIS, the boatload of other cool effects in Iron Man 2 are done by alternative SFX houses.

This above the neck action takes place against the gear head back drop of Stark's dream garage featuring; 1953 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe; 1949 Mercury lead sled; 1932 For