Interrogation tickle: A tickling interrogation, Tickle Interrogation, Tickle Interrogation ( Pie in the Face), Nikki's tickling interrogation, Tickling

Interrogation tickle

This is a Funny Video. A girl is tied to a chair and her feet locked into stocks. She is then interrogated by having the soles of her feet tickled and hit in the face with pies !
The dialog from her while she is being interrogated is also very funny. You will be laughing along with the victim watching this !
Jessica has captured Honey and put her in the stocks. She needs information but Honey is reluctant to give it to her. That’s ok, Jessica knows she is ticklish and skilled enough to get her to talk. She tickles her relentlessly and Honey still refuses but eventually cannot take anymore tickling. Finally, Honey cracks and agrees to talk.