Interception: [RUS SUB][BANGTAN BOMB] Let's intercept Suga , [BANGTAN BOMB] Let's intercept SUGA!, Jakub Kovar intercepts the pass at descent moment, This


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Severstal's Jakub Kovar saves on Ak Bars odd-man rush chance, intercepting the pass
BangTan♥BTS / новости и советы
Li Tsung (Bruce Lee) Nikki Bell (Marlyn Mason) Mike Longstreet (James Franciscus) Newsboy (Edward R. Cox) Mrs. Kingston (Ann Doran) Duke Paige (Peter Mark Richman) Sgt. Cory (Louis Gossett Jr.) Jim Bolte (John Milford) Harv (Johnny Haymer)
“Instant replay of that interception:”
Этот сенсационный документальный фильм впервые показывает торнадо изнутри. Новаторское транспортное средство - "транспортер-перехватчик торнадо" впервые позволил исследователям попасть в эпицентр торнадо и сделать там съемки.
One of the funniest videos I've ever seen , can you predict what happened to the guy recording ?!
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They began to detect a signal in New Taipei City even before the Anomaly again, but it did not emerge in strength until after the day had come to an end.

The voice of Oliver Lynton-Wolfe the egotistical, sometimes easily manipulated, but undoubtably brilliant father of the Ingress XM scanner would be heard for the first time since the Niantic researchers disappeared into the Portal Network.

He claims to have seen into the heart of the N'zeer, and brings with him a warning of what he fears from them.

Michigan's Jourdan Lewis makes a big play for an interception against Wisconsin in the fourth quarter.
Моуриньо выбежал на поле и прервал контратаку в матче легенд и Мексики
La última de Mourinho: ¡salta al campo para cortar una contra!
Got a few details of the new NX-8 8-scale nitro buggy before Todd kicked me out of the test lab. Don't tell anyone yet that you've seen this video, it's top secret....

On the bright side, this Mark Sanchez turnover was not caused by anyone's rear end.

The New York Jets' embattled quarterback opened his preseason campaign exactly like his detractors would have guessed. On just his fourth play from scrimmage, Sanchez threw an interception. Backpedaling in the face of pressure from Detroit Lions defensive end Willie Young, Sanchez attempted to dump a short pass off to someone. According to the play-by-play log at, fullback Tommy Bohanon was the intended target
Группа вк -

Перехват с закрученной руки.
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INCREDIBLE close range tornado footage near Wray, Colorado with significant debris going around the tornado. This significant torando was filmed from only a few hundred feet away. Drivers pass our videographer and this IS NOT advised.

With air security been tight surrounding the olympic opening ceremony this helicopter was recorded rapidly investigating a ufo sighting over london today 27,07,2012

Band together to face the enemy in the new co-operative multiplayer mode from Killzone: Shadow Fall's DLC, Intercept.

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Widescreen dashcam video with date stamp of half mile wide wedge tornado crossing highway 177 north of Sulpher, OK. Mobile doppler unit is seen in the video scanning the tornado as well. Chase vehicle windshield can be seen broken from hail on this storm.
A 2 in 1 video about Kos, with his best 10 tackles and 5..maybe best, but I would say, most IMPORTANT goals.
All the best for Márton Fülöp, who conceded two of the five goals. Our national goalkeeper (Hungary) was diagnosed with cancer on his hand, and he is on his recovery these days. Get well soon Marci!
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Американские самолеты сближались с российскими истребителями и резко меняли курс

Минобороны России прокомментировало заявления Пентагона о перехвате российскими истребителями самолетов США над Черным морем. По словам официального представителя министерства генерал-майора Игоря Конашенкова, американские летчики поле сближения с самолетами РФ меняли курс в сторону от российской границы.

Он отметил в частности, что самолеты США подходили на дистанцию, позволяющую различить бортовые номера самолетов РФ, после
Cary Williams catch a passing ball from Tom Brady and runs down the field and makes a touchdown sloppy play by the Patriots
Реклама охранной сигнализации.
On Nov. 12, 2015, the revolutionary Integrated Battle Command System demonstrated unprecedented engagement on combined track data from dissimilar radars. The U.S. Army and Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) achieved a major milestone for integrated air and missile defense (IAMD) when the IAMD Battle Command System (IBCS), using tracking data from Sentinel and Patriot radars, provided the command-and-control for a Patriot Advanced Capability Three (PAC-3) interceptor to destroy a cruise missile target.
Меза, Лимбо, Локи
Stas7391, Loveded, His_Shadow
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comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. 

The Containment City
Intelligence Squad Alpha is dispatched to investigate reports of unusual insurgent activity. Before long, Alpha is under attack from a Helghast response unit, forcing them to set up camp in an abandoned Black Hand hideout.

The Checkpoint
Intelligence Squad Alpha has been sent to retrieve information concerning the whereabouts of a Black Hand leader, but someone has tipped off the Helghast. Now, security forces are rapidly descending on Alpha’s location…
Эсминец Ross выпустил ракету SM-3 и успешно осуществил первый перехват баллистической ракеты. Маневры прошли в рамках учений в северной части Атлантического океана Ross Successfully Intercepts Ballistic Missile Target During Coalition Test
Iron Dome intercepts shower of rockets launched from Gaza
Be'er Sheva, Nov 14th 2012 9:13 pm
Red Alert: Iron Dome tries to intercept shower of rockets launched from Gaza
Iron Dome intercepts rockets from Gaza

Israeli Defense System, Intercepts Incoming Rockets From Gaza. Rockets over Tel Aviv
"Rockets over Tel Aviv" The Redneck Rocket Launcher "The Redneck Rocket Launcher"
Bomb Explodes Right Near Anderson Cooper During Live Report From Gaza

Jason reviews the new 2016 LEGO Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set Kryptonite Interception, set 76045.


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Greek authorities seize undocumented cache of weapons and supplies
SOUTHERN ISLE OF CRETE, GREECE (INTELLIHUB) — A large vessel with a crew of 7, containing various supplies, weapons, and firearms, possibly in an effort to aid Muslim refugees, was intercepted by Greek authorities. However according to Reuters the ship was bound for Libya and may have no connection to refugee aid.

The vessel “Haddad 1″ was intercepted by the Coast Guard on Aug. 29 after making its way from Turkey.

The ship was reported to have been loaded with numerous undocumented arms and supplies.

As of yet it’s unknown if the weapons were supplied by the CIA backed group ISIS.
Tune in Wednesday, October 31, at 1:15 PM EDT to see Football LIVE at PlayOn!, Atlanta, Georgia.

Dodge City defensive back Immanuel Galloway grabs a botched snap that goes straight up into the air and takes it 78 yards untouched for a Demon Touchdown in a southwest Kansas rivalry game.

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Michigan's Jordan Lewis Amazing One-Handed Interception vs Wisconsin
Credit: ABC, Big Ten, ESPN

Как он это сделал?? о_0
Start is easy , wait untill dual parts 3x (c)
Похищен сверхсекретный американский самолет «Аврора». ЦРУ посылает двух агентов исправить ситуацию, но они попадают в плен…
Iowa QB C.J. Beathard hits his own lineman in the face with a pass that goes up in the air and gets picked off.

Louisville CB Calvin Pryor makes a touchdown-saving one-handed inteception out of the back of the endzone agaisnt UCF.

Work in progress!
My new level.
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Intercepted Transmission, Tenno take notice.
The Arleigh Burke-Class guided missile destroyer USS Ross (DDG 71) launches an an SM-3 guided interceptor as part of the Maritime Theater Missile Defense (MTMD) Forum's At Sea Demonstration (ASD) 15. Nine MTMD nations took part in ASD-15. (U.S. Navy video/Released)

Міністерство оборони Нідерландів опублікувало відео перехоплення російських винищувачів СУ-34. Відео зняли у понеділок під час участі військових літаків НАТО у місії Балтійської повітряної поліції. Два голландських винищувача F-16 тримали на прицілі два літаки РФ.
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"Империя Торнадо"

NEW VIDEO from Dominator 3 during intercept of one of the most violent tornadoes I have ever seen north of Coleridge, Nebraska! Still in probe recovery mode we have GPS fixes on all of them. Uploading ground-based probe next. Sorry for being a spaz ;)
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video shows rockets fired into southern Israel being intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system Wednesday night:

Невероятный перехватчик, которым управляет агент Соломон Блэйз, пытающийся захватить злодея Инферно (или Инфирно). Новая серия в моих обзорах - Ультра Агенты 70162 Перехватчик Инферно.

Конструктор Дистра #31 - моя передача о Лего, где я рассматриваю разные наборы.
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Incredible footage caught by NASA as they tracked Asteroid DA14. If it was a natural celestial event then why did NASA cut the feed. It is my belief that our Extraterrestrial friends somehow altered the course of the Asteroid, thereby putting it out of harms way and saving countless lives here on Earth. Footage credit:

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Небольшая демонстрация обнуления куков у атакуемого при arp-spoofing атаке.
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Guard From Above is the world’s first company specialized in training birds of prey to intercept hostile drones, safe, quick and accurate.

(Note:no birds were harmed during this video)

Copyright video:Guard From Above

This is the dramatic moment RAF Typhoons intercepted 10 Russian jets.

The British Typhoons were scrambled last Friday in response to Vladimir Putin's planes being spotted over the Baltic airspace.

Military chiefs said the Russians " appeared to be carrying out a variety of routine training."

Secretary of State Michael Fallon said: “Once more the RAF and our state of the art Typhoon fighters have demonstrated our commitment to NATO’s collective defence.

"Air interceptions such as this highlight the vital
Лайк за новое прохождение))))
BlackHat DC 2010
Tom Cross [Manager, X-Force Research]
Packers player Nick Collins get an interception, returns it all the way to get the Packers second TD.
Homer chats with Jerone and shows off the market map in Killzone Shadowfall Intercept which releases June 24th.

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Любопытная видеозапись, сделанная в ноябре 2014 года с борта базового патрульного самолета Lockheed P-3C Orion ВВС Португалии над Балтийским морем, показывает его перехват и сопровождение российским истребителем Су-27.

Истребитель Су-27 (бортовой номер "90 красный", регистрационный номер RF-33740, серийный номер 29413, название «Григорий Речкалов») принадлежит авиационной части авиации Балтийского флота, в настоящее время дислоцируемой на аэродроме Черняховск (Калининградская область).
Трейлер к запуску самостоятельной версии кооперативного дополнения «Intercept», релиз которого в Европе и России состоится уже завтра!
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Martin Lisius captures two photogenic tornadoes in Tillman County, Oklahoma on November 7, 2011.

The first tornado, which passed near Tipton, was rated EF4 by NWS-OUN. See more at

"It's rare to see a long-lived cyclic tornadic supercell of this kind on the Plains in November," said Lisius.

Weather footage shot by Martin Lisius is available for license through StormStock,, which he founded in 1993. He is also president and founder of Tempest Tours Storm
I made a short video with my favorite interceptions in the NFL

This tornado was one of the strongest ever intercepted, and we needed all 10,000k pounds of the new Dominator because I have never felt vibration like that before as we were slammed by suction vortices wrapping all around the vehicle. Jim Cantore was on board and he's hooked. All part of #TornadoChasers, Season 2013 coming up this fall on

More tornado action already than all of last year. Shawnee sustained horrible damage. Let's hope for the best.
Coming in two weeks!

Written and Directed by Andrew Kramer from Video Copilot

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Lov U
Just a small review of the lego ultra agent set, with a strange car a mr. Donotfreeze...
The official Hard Bass 2015 Team Blue soundtrack by Bass Modulators.

For all info about Hard Bass, February 7st 2015 at the GelreDome Arnhem, check:

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Радиоперехват снайперов на крышах над Майданом
Radio intercept snipers on roofs over the Maidan
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Full tutorial on KillZone Shadow Fall DLC Intercept Cooperative Expansion. This episode we will cover in detail the Marksman and Medic class load outs. We'll cover how to win, objectives, unlocks, kill streaks and much more!

Watch my 2 other tutorials on Intercept Made Easy
1: Intercept "Objectives, Unlocks, Kill Streaks" KillZone Shadow Fall DLC Co-Op Tutorial Commentary

2: Intercept Marksman-Medic
Краткая презентация проекта HookahFind
Найди кальянные в Чебоксарах и НЧК!
Немного юмора и разгильдяйства :))
Intercepter-NG 1.0

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A lot of fixes and improvements.
LONGSTREET - Way Of The Intercepting Fist
Interception de drones
LEGOLIFE - это еженедельная программа с художественными обзорами ЛЕГО, подпишись ;)
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◉ Name ┃ Название: Kryptonite Interception (перехват криптонита)
◉ Set Number ┃ Номер: 76045
◉ Series ┃ Серия : DC Comics Super Heroes (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
◉ Minifigures ┃ Минифигурки: 3: Batman (Ben Affleck), LexCorp henchmen
◉ Year ┃ Год: 2016
◉ Price ┃ Цена: $29.99
◉ Pieces ┃ Де
→ VK.COM/TOP_DOC ← Самые интересные документальные фильмы и телешоу от: BBC, History,Travel, National Geographic и других познавательных телеканалов.


Этот сенсационный документальный фильм впервые показывает торнадо изнутри. Новаторское транспортное средство - "транспортер-перехватчик торнадо" впервые позволил исследователям попасть в эпицентр торнадо и сделать там съемки.
NBA • Best Moments | Dribbling , Broadcasts , Intercepts , Throws | 2015 [ HD ]
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A U.S. Marshall intercepts a terrorist planning to blow up a local city park.

(Fight Practice) Darren Holmquist vs Ronma Perry
Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept places you and up to three of your friends on the elite VSA team known as Intelligence Squad Alpha. Operating behind enemy lines, your team must relay intercepted military transmissions back to VSA headquarters through a set of captured Uplinks, while defending them from Helghast troops.
The new standalone version of Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is fully compatible with the existing expansion pack version.

Rated Mature: Blood, Intense Violence, Language

CGI video of a Su-30SM fighter intercepting a Predator UAV with a R-77 missile

Unclassified video filmed from Portuguese AF P-3 Orion shows Russian Air Force Su-27 intercept the Maritime Patrol Aircraft over the Baltic Sea.
Credit: Portuguese Air Force
Our first attempt to record atmospheric properties within a supercell thunderstorm using a UAV manufactured by AgEagle. A pressure sample of 898mb was recorded when approaching the outer circulation of the wall cloud.
Two Dutch F-16s from the Baltic Air Policing mission (BAP) on Monday two armed Russian bombers intercepted. The modern devices of the type Sukhoi SU-34 Fullback flew unannounced international airspace over the Baltic Sea.
Video source:
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Unclassified video filmed from Portuguese AF P-3 Orion shows Russian Air Force Su-27 intercept the Maritime Patrol Aircraft over the Baltic Sea. Credit: Portuguese Air Force.

Russian Su-27 Flanker intercepts P-3 Orion over Baltic Sea Nov. 2014 Unclassified video filmed from Portuguese AF P-3 Orion shows Russian Air Force Su-27 intercept the Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

Russian SU-27 and Nato jet plane doing anti terr0rism drill together by intercepting plane with fictional terr0rist inside in the sky of Poland.
Video: Courtesy of The NATO Channel:

The Sukhoi Su-27 (in Russian : Сухой Су-27, NATO reporting name : Flanker ) is a fighter car, powered by two turbofan class Mach 2 , designed in the Soviet Union by Sukhoi in years 1970 . It was designed as a direct competitor to the great fighters of fourth generation American , wi
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PlayStation.Blog interviews Intercept's Lead Designer, Arjan Bak, about Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept at PlayStation's E3 2014 Live Coverage show.

For more E3 coverage:

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Rated E to M for Mature
Rocket fired at Tel Aviv, intercepted in mid-air by "Iron Dome" on Live TV Broadcast in Israel. First rocket launch at 0:13, second launch at 0:24, interception at 0:47.
Мы вернулись. Темные гонщики снова в строю! Готовьтесь к новым сражениям в нашем фирменном стиле. Эти ближайшие 5 выпусков каждый зритель запомнит надолго. А ты готов стать этим зрителем?
Launching and wall cloud intercept with AgEagle flying wing. After further analysis of the data, a pressure reading of 895mb was recorded near the center of circulation.
Tokyo Police intercept active drone by unfurling net
Tokyo Police intercept active drone with unfurled net
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LEGO® Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Kryptonite Interception 76045
Intercept the Kryptonite with the armored Batmobile!
Speed down to the docks with Batman™ where LexCorp henchmen are busy storing the Kryptonite. Fire the Batmobile’s stud shooters and
Elite Dangerous
Terrell Suggs Interception between his legs vs. Steelers in Wild Card Game 1/3/15
Группа "Intercept" в гостях Прайм Тайм
The Israel Missile Defense Organization and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency completed the first phase of the development of the David's Sling Weapon System, by conducting a successful interception test.

This test included for the first time a successful interception by the Stunner Missile of the DSWS. The test was conducted by Rafael Advanced Defense systems at a test range in the southern part of Israel.

The DSWS is designed to provide an additional layer of defense against ballistic missiles