Intense Upper Body Workout: Интенсивная ВИИТ кардио кикбоксинг + силовая тренировка на верхнюю часть тела. Intense HIIT Cardio Kickboxing and Upper Body

Intense Upper Body Workout

👣 Ежедневные видео тренировки по фитнесу в нашей группе
#фитнес #видеотренировки #сжиганиежира #похудение #бесплатныйфитнес #тренировки #делаемфигуру #fitnesslifeg #мотивация Using the Vibrational Trainer from Casada Fitness Model Karen Kennedy is getting a very effective upper body workout. This is much more effective then doing regular push-ups. Try it!
First strength day of the new year and we are going hard core! For our first strength workout we are going 60 minutes and doing a total body workout. We’re keeping the cardio to dumbbell swings and getting our grind on with some intense total body tabata dumbbell exercises!

We don’t have the time, we make the time!

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👣 Ежедневные видео тренировки по фитнесу в нашей группе
#фитнес #видеотренировки #сжиганиежира #похудение #бесплатныйфитнес #тренировки #делаемфигуру #fitnesslifeg #мотивация
Denise Austin: Arms & Upper Body Workout- High Intensity is a 10-minute, fat-burning upper-body strength workout that uses series of advanced combination weight-training moves to target all of the muscle groups of the upper body for maximum results. Activate the core and enhance your weight loss potential with America's Favorite Fitness Expert, Denise Austin as she walks you through several body-shaping moves that will sculpt lean muscle throughout the arms, abs, shoulders, chest, and back in this effective

С разминкой и растяжкой.

👣 Ежедневные видео тренировки по фитнесу в нашей группе

#фитнес #видеотренировки #сжиганиежира #похудение #бесплатныйфитнес #тренировки #делаемфигуру #fitnesslifeg #мотивация
Accelerated Series: Bolder Shoulder Workout
6 moves—1 set of dumbbells—No breaks—You're welcome!
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0:53 Upright Rows
3:00 Alt Swimmer's Press
5:31 Pterodactyl Fly
6:32 Alt Front Raises
9:03 Weighted Side Arm Raise
10:34 Pike Press

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