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Inspirational Running Video (HD)

Потрясающий мотивационный видос. Включая титры и заряжайся !
Беги Форест, беги! Бегомания охватившая уже очень многих не остаётся без внимания мировых брендов.
RUN - Inspirational Running Video
Sport Motivational Video for Athlete, Runners

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Snow Patrol - What If The Storms End

Music by Paul Dateh:
Director of Photography
& Editor: Blake O'Neal -
Exec. Producer: BrettTheIntern -
Produced by: Maria Pelletier
Glidecam operator & Coordinator: Jared Kowalczyk
Amazing Intern: Sean O'Loughlin

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This is a video compilation of some training footage recorded during the last few months...This year I ran my first marathon...What a great experience was that! From now on I'll try to run one marathon each year. I really enjoy running...Running is such an amazing feeling...It makes me feel escape and moment to think over things...I feel free and it's just me and the world alone as time freezes...Breathe the fresh air...just me...Just RUN!

Music : I Just Wanna Run by The Downtown Fiction
An epic motivational montage for all the people who love running. What is the way to success? Enjoy!

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