Inside Everyone: Everyone has a warrior insider 😉, Just checked my PO box :) bunch of stuff inside!! Thanks everyone. I'm gonna reply and send back an

Inside Everyone

Меня всегда злило притворство. Не люблю лгунов. Я попала как раз в такую ситуацию. Вот, знаете, как иногда человек надевает маску, и весь такой «белый и пушистый». А на самом деле — монстр. Вот, так и мне «повезло» встретить такого человека, который мне жить теперь спокойно не даёт.

Привет! Ya we did this one at 12am cause we had no time. We are mere children who have projects and exams as we reach the end of our second C...
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Darkness has no importance, the power of hope is the brightest light. -Robert Acer

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New single from the Russian band Storm Inside! A massive band with huge amounts of potential. For fans of Capture The Crown, Skarlett, and In Any Case We Fall!
Storm Inside - Всё Против Нас [Everyone Is Against Us]
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Debut single for Gala Rizzatto, better known as Gala. Produced and recorded by Phil Jay and Molella. EVERYONE HAS INSIDE was the song that launched the artistic career of one of the most successful dance artist ever: GALA!

Gala Eiffel 65 - Everyone has inside

Año 2000

Artist: Gala
Event: 1998 Sparkassen Cup (Nations Cup) - Exhibition
Тьма не имеет никакого значения, сила надежды яркий свет. Роберт Эсер.
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