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Incredible Body Transformations — Bar Brothers! - Workout program, Nutrition guide and more!

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My epic 1 year body transformation from skinny to ripped! This video proves that any normal person with DEDICATION and WILLPOWER can achieve a strong body and mind! Its been a tough but fun journey and my life has only improved ever since i started doing CALISTHENICS! Set GOALS in your life and ACCOMPLISH them, always give the best of yourself and MOTIVATE the ones around you.

I use no weights or supplements, I only workout with my own BODYWEIGHT and only eat homemade food! No protein shakes etc.! ALL 100
Ma première vidéo de ma transformation en 3 ans
100% naturel sans protéines..
This is the Bar Brothers DR incredible calisthenics and street workout motivational 1 year body transformation.

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Song #1: Twin Musicom - Not Without The Rest

Not Without the Rest of Twin
Incredible 1 Year Body Transformation (Calisthenics) Bar Brothers