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In Flames - Trigger
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[Melodic Death Metal]
ВСЕГДА СУПЕР //In Flames - Trigger (from Reroute to Remain -2002) //
I need to find something to blame for a long lost time.
любимая песня In Flames...
Из Альбома Reroute To Remaine 2002
In Flames - Trigger
Trigger by In Flames from their Trigger (2003) mini-album and Reroute to Remain (2002) album.

HD 720p FLAC release: [164Mb]

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27.06.2012 - Rock City (Novosibirsk) // Gothic Party
Краснодар 2013, часть снимает Андерс)
◄๏̯͡๏►Не хватает денег на рок концерт???Смотри здесь - ►►►◄◄◄
Vitaly Sobolev - Guitars, Vocals, Mixing
Oleg Pyatinov - Bass
thanks to Nikita Korotchenkov, Alexander Vysotin
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видео группы
видео группы
In Flames
Album: Reroute To Remain
Song: Trigger
Year: 2002

Live at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2004
Ripped from In Flames' DVD called "Used And Abused - In Live We Trust"



Have we lost the spark or a guide?
What's the latest on the screen?
Can't be too late to turn around
I need all the help from you

I need to find
Something to blame for a long lost time


I am running from something that I don't know
I am searching for something, which way to go?
I am trying to
Trigger by In Flames

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-с-*-*-*-*-ука драйв!!!!!!!!111
La coopérative de mai, Clermont-Ferrand, 11 Octobre 2014
In Flames-Trigger Live in Houston, Tx 1-20-2012 at Warehouse Live
25.09.2011 Club 202, Budapest, Hungary - премьеры и новости рок-музыки
In Flames Konzertausschnitt C-Club Berlin 01.06.2011
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I do not own any rights to this song. This is purely promotion for the band and for entertainment. If you like it buy the CD's and support the band (links below).

Band: In Flames
Album: Reroute to Remain (Re-release)
Track: Trigger [04/17]
Year: 2002 (2010)

In Flames
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Band: In Flames
Album: Reroute to Remain (re-release)
Track: Trigger (04/17)
Label: FighterStreet Records - A My Sweet Records AB
Year: 2002 (2010)
Recorded by Misha Timoshin.
Greetings youtube,

This is my FOURTH acoustic cover already. The number four in the list of my favourite songs.

Sorry for my wierd accent sometimes and for the mistakes, I don't like to record the tracks thousands of times. It loses the feelling when repeated too many know, the usual.

I got the idea from Scars of Tears' cover of this song.
Check their channel:

For the recording part, I used:
-Acoustic guitar
-Electric bass guita
In Flames - Trigger - Live - Arena Moscow - Russia 27.04.2013.
мы где-то в эпицентре)
Шведы In Flames в Киеве.Оторвался так, что голоса почти нет! Андерс и Бьорн вовсю хлестали на сцене наше "Черниговское" и очень его хвалили
Я был на том концерте...Тогда мне реально вынесло башню... :))
Концерт в рок клубе "От заката до рассвета" 13.03.2010.
27.10.11 - Arena Moscow (снимал с телефона)
Tuborg Goldfest 2012 In Flames - Cloud ConnectedTrigger

видео группы
Hellscream Academy.

School of Rock
Vocal, Gutiar, Bass, Keyboard, Drum, Music Theory Lessons at the studio and online!
01. Sounds of a Playground Fading
02. Deliver Us
03. All for Me
04. Trigger
05. Alias
06. Colony
07. Swim
08. The Hive
09. The Quiet Place
10. Where the Dead Ships Dwell
11. Fear Is the Weakness
12. Come Clarity
13. Ropes
14. Darker Times
15. Only for the Weak
16. Delight and Angers
17. Cloud Connected
18. The Mirror's Truth
19. Take This Life

This song was played 08.11.2009 in DK Gorbunova (Moscow, Russia)

Great Show of The Great Band
In Flames We Trust \m/
Пацаны ваще ребята))))
This song was played 27.10.2011. in Arena Moscow.(Moscow,Russia).
In Flames LIVE 2011-10-05 Kraków, Studio, Polska

this is music video for the trigger cover made by me. Guitars are played by me and synths are added. It is played in E tuning, not C. Hope you like it.

Hellscream Academy Student Covering In Flames - Trigger Teaser

03 In Flames - Trigger @ Graspop Metal Meeting 30-06-2013

Graspop Metal Meeting 2013 will be held in Dessel festival park over the weekend of Friday 28 June to Sunday 30 June 2013. With leading bands from just about every metal and rock subgenre and a lineup that spans several generations of heavy music, there's loads of fun to be had for metalheads both young and not so young. Graspop Metal Meeting is synonymous for three days of music and fun, 70+ bands, four stages and lots of fringe events to boo
Moscow 27.04.2013 Moscow Arena
Found this one in my old VCD collection.

New Cover, Trigger :)
One of my fav´s from In Flames!
Well...the Refrain sounds a bit weird...dont know why...maybe it´s Youtube or my playing xD but that´s what Guitar Pro teached me^^...
Anyway, hope you like it :)<br/><br/>
Спасибо всем! Отожгли по-полной! До встреч!
In Flames - Trigger ON STAGE (live 2009-12-06 Berlin Columbiahalle)
Эти два клипа разных групп очень тесно связаны.Один клип - это продолжение другого
Metallica tries to cover In Flames - Trigger (Warning: this is not real^^)
Just a little video made by myself to make Metallica look like their playing the song<br/><br/>
Учитель -
27.04.13 - Arena Moscow