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In Flames - Only for the Weak - The Best of Rock Music
In Flames - Only for the Weak.(HQ) music video
альбом Clayman (2000)
The best song of album Clayman.
видео группы
Свежее концертное видео классического хита In Flames с готовящейся к выходу DVD" шки.
1990 lämnade Jesper Strömblad sitt band Ceremonial Oath där han spelade med två andra senare In Flames-medlemmar, Anders Fridén och Anders Iwers, den senare numera i Tiamat. Strömblad ville skapa ny musik och tillsammans med Johann Larsson och Glenn Ljungström bildade de bandet In Flames. Idag är det bara Jesper Strömblad kvar av originalmedlemmarna.

In Flames spelade in en demo som de skickade till skivbolaget Wrong Again Records. Skivbolaget gillade demon så mycket att de gav In Flames skivkontrakt
In Flames - Only For The Weak (A. Schwarzkopf cover)
Не переворчивайте видео в начале, потом будет норм !!!!!!!!!!!!
In Flames performing Only for the weak, amazing show at Rock AM ring 2006
Подчеркни свой брутальный стиль
Антикризисные косухи
Кожаные ремни с металом
Кольца с черепами и печатки
PLEASE NOTE !!!! All Copyright belongs to In Flames

#16-3 - 28/5
UPDATE!! I will post 3 covers/day (at least try) untill the release!

I'm playing Only for the Weak by In Flames (My suggestion)

I'm screwing up some.

If you have a requst for a cover, post a comment! :)

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Metal Friday - Vol.4
Клуб "Барвы", г.Киев, 26 февраля 2016г.
© Alex Clash
Got to share the stage with the best band in the world while they played Only For The Weak! Thank you In Flames!

Yes i was shaking because i was so excited!
La coopérative de mai, Clermont-Ferrand, 11 Octobre 2014
In Flames Only For The Weak Live Kyiv 2011 Ukraine

Видео группы
Абажаю Дэтх! - Группа для металлистов, которые способны относиться к жизни с чувством юмора и воспринимать глупые высказывания о любимой музыке не как оскорбление, а как безобидные шутки.
27.10.11 - Arena Moscow (снимал с телефона)

I can't tolerate your sadness
Cause it's me you are drowning
I won't allow any happiness
Cause everytime you laugh, I feel so guilty, I feel so guilty

Am I forced to have any regret
I've become the lie, Beautiful and free
In my righteous own mind
I adore and preach the insanity you gave to me

Sell me the infection, it is only for the weak
No need for sympathy, The misery that is me

I've lost the ability to pain the clouds
Cause it's me you're draining
I'm stuck in this slow-moti
Some cinematic trailers of Dead Rising 3, Mad Max and Dying Light.

All rights © to their respective owners. Buy the full song Only for the Weak by In Flames from itunes.

I do not own any rights to this song. This is purely promotion for the band and for entertainment. If you like it buy the CD's and support the band (links below).

Band: In Flames
Album: Clayman (Reloaded)
Track: Only for the Weak [03/13]
Year: 1999 (2008)

In Flames
IF Store:
In Flames - Only For The Weak
LIVE @ Wacken Open Air 2012
recorded from zdf.kultur
In Flames performing live at Rock am Ring 2006
The song is Only for the Weak with the real sound from the album Clayman.
In my opinion this is the best live song with In Flames! Which one do you think is the best?

I can't tolerate your sadness,
'cause it's me you're drowning.
I won't allow any happiness,
'cause everytime that you laugh, I feel so guilty

Am I forced to have any regret?
I've become the lie, beautiful and free
In my righteous own mind
Gear Used
90's Orville LP Custom
10-52 Dr Strings
Dunlop 95Q Wah Pedal
Bias Fx

Morning people,

this is a co-production of
Eliasnilsson (sweden) and me (germany)
We are both Line6 Toneport and
Epiphone Les Paul Special Users.

We used a guitarpro file for the drums,
modified it a bit.
Eliasnilsson played the rhythm guitar.
I played the Lead and the bass.

The middle part of the solo is very hard for me,
but once I nailed it.
There are 2 Rhyhthm Tracks and 4 Lead Guitar
In Flames - Only for the weak (Resurrection Fest 2015) Live, Viveiro (Galicia, Spain)
In Flames
Album: Clayman
Song: Only For The Weak
Year: 2000

Live at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2004
Ripped from In Flames' DVD called "Used And Abused - In Live We Trust"

Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on:
Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on:
Only For The Weak by In Flames with the lyrics in clear display. Only For The Weak - Clayman album - In Flames

Whoa, 20.000+ views.
In Flames we trust!

Wednesday 27th of May 2009

Full Quality
sounded with a particular drum set with pillows, sorry for the little mistakes.
Arena Moscow Club Stage.
Recorded right from the Stage, with In Flames. Sorry for the bad quality, guys.
P.S. Я чуть правее центра в 3 ряду Q.Q
In Flames - Only for the weak (Live @ Wacken 2003 HQ)
Двухдневный музыкальный фестиваль "Новая Жизнь 2015" проводился первый раз в Республике Крым, Раздольненский р-н, с. Портовое при поддержке Раздольненского рок клуба "Новая Жизнь". Фестиваль собирает молодые музыкальные коллективы.

На видео выступление раздольненской группы "Deep Spaces" с кавером на композицию крутой скандинавской команды In Flames - Only For The Weak.

Ссылка на сообщество в вк:
Ссылка на событие:
Deep Spaces:
Velicano, Хабаровск 4/04/2014
Arranged by Dorelia Bast (
In Flames - Only For The Weak LIVE @ Metaltown 2012


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2014 год - выступление легенды Сахалинской сцены на фестивале Крылья Сахалина
In Flames on the last performance touring the "A Sense of Purpose" album, song is "Only For The Weak",

In Flames - Only For The Weak. Live @ Effenaar, Eindhoven (The Netherlands), 10-11-2015.
Kiev Kills: Big Metal Cover Session
07 июня 2015г., клуб "Метрополь", г.Киев
(c) Alex Clash
Пусть все бреются! Фортепьяно рулит!
I'm not the owner of this tv broadcast (WDR Fernsehen HD Deutschland). All rights in tv channel, labels and In Flames band. Find us:

IN FLAMES - Only for The Weak LIVE @ The Palladium, Los Angeles - December 9th, 2014

(Song starts at 4:35)

Courtesy of YAHOO! LIVENATION Stream
This concert was streamed for free on December 9th, 2014
All music is property of IN FLAMES

Buy their new album SIREN CHARMS - In stores today!
In flames only for the weak drum cover
Artist : In Flames
Album : Clayman (2000)
Song : Only for the Weak
Genre : Melodic Death Metal
Record company : Nuclear Blast Records

Location : Live at Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany
Stage : True Metal Stage
Date : 03/08/12

this is copyrighted property of its owner(s)
Картинка Г..., но она и нафиг не нужна - In Flames - Only For The Weak - Live @ Wacken Open Air 2012 - ZDF Kultur HD
In Flames - Only for the Weak, live at Ancienne Belgique,


Such a great honor to share the stage with In Flames. One of the best moments in my life. Wonderful band and wonderful audience !
(sorry for cutting, but the video was sometimes... a bit shaky :) )
Heyy! This is a cover i decided to upload to try out my new bass pedal (darkglass b7k). This isn't really a serious video, so the cameras position is a bit wierd. Try to disregard that!

I'm using my rbx6jm in standard tuning!
Krakow, Klub Studio, 27.09.2014
In Flames feat. Anders best friend (Garrik707) - Only For The Weak
Live In Saint-Petersburg 26.10.2011
Concert aux Docks de Lausanne (CH) 04/10/2014 - Album: Clayman (2001 - Nuclear Blast) - Tournée de l'album: Siren Charms (2014 - Nuclear Blast) - Bands: In Flames (SWE), Wovenwar (USA), While She Sleeps (UK)
Official Website:
In Flames - Only For The Weak @ Wacken 2012 [HD] Live
Whole recording can be found @ with interviews with the band and talk inbetween songs.

Setlist @ Wacken 2012:

1. Cloud Connected
2. Trigger (Missing)
3. Where the Dead Ships Dwell
4. Only for the Weak
5. Reroute to Remain
6. Delight Angers
7. Crawl Through Knives (Missing)
8. The Quiet
In Flames
AB, Brussels

Only For The Weak (with fan on stage)
In Flames - Rock am Ring 2015
June 7, 2015 - Flugplatz Mendig/Vulkaneifel
Дмитрий Владимирович:
Автор видео: Владислав Хмелевский
In Flames playing Only For The Weak at Palladium, Köln, Germany. October, 31, 2014.

All the rights go to the band and Rockpalast.
Sorry for mistakes) I'm just learning how to play drums.
Hello youtube,

I know I said that the fifth cover was the last one's the SIXTH In Flames acoustic cover. I just couldn't stay away from this yet.

Don't mind the solo, it has flaws, I really tried to make it as close to the original as my acoustic guitar and guitar skills allow me, I was tired already. It took most of the recording time too.

Sorry for my wierd accent sometimes and for the mistakes, I don't like to record the tracks thousands of times. It loses the feelling when repeated too man
Hey folks!

Here I am with a cover of Only For The Weak by In Flames. I absolutely love this song and thought I would give it a try. I learned this song by ear and I know it isn't 100% correct, so don't even bother to comment on that.

I have recorded all guitar tracks myself using my Line 6 POD Studio UX2 and the drums and bass are programmed by me in EZDrummer (dfh Addon) and HALion1. The sequencer/DAW Im using is Steinberg Cubase 5, which Im using for both mixing and mastering.
This is the first song I ever recorded in my bedroom 6 or 7 years ago, and here I am, redoing it for all you fine people.

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25.12.12 - мой весьма слабый дебют как вокалиста . Чтобы я еще исполнял вживую партии чистого вокала - да никогда!
In Flames set the night on fire on True Metal stage at the 26th edition of Wacken Open Air.

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Ростов-на-Дону 2009
Прыгали реально все. Земля дрожала.
United Fest
Клуб "Барвы", г.Киев, 16 сентября 2016г.
© Alex Clash
"Only For The Weak" performed by In Flames, Budapest 28-09-2014