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Imaginary Crimes

all Movie Drama imaginary crimes
For the Crime Scene Pictures identity, we used live action shots of a camera and animated elements to reveal the logo. The flash, a moment of red blindness and the slow reveal of the logo sets the mood for mystery and intrigue.
Designed & Produced by: Imaginary Forces (IF) Creative Director: Grant Lau Executive Producer: Ben Apley Head of Production: Claudina Mercado Producer: JJ Gerber Designers: Joan Lau, Wes Yang Design Intern: Jay Kim Animator: Gary Herbert Editors: Caleb Woods, Michael Radtke Flame Artist: Rod Basham Coordinator: Dominick Guglielmo
with Harvey Keitel, Fairuza Balk, Kelly Lynch, Vincent d'Onofrio, Seymour Cassel, directed by Anthony Drazan