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Это просто мечта, наконец-то личный самолёт стал доступным.
ICON A5 Aircraft
Яхта на прицепе авто - уже круто, а вот самолет ICON A5, который можно перевозить за собой к месту отпуска, действительно впечатляет. Этому небольшому двухместному аппарату для взлета и посадки нужна короткая взлетная полоса, или просто вода. Крейсерская скорость гидросамолета - 195 км/ч, а грузоподъемность - 240 кг. Запаса топлива (76 литров) хватает на 590 километров полета.

Другие новости о технологиях: http://hightech.fm/
Watch the ICON A5 make it's first public demo landing on water.

For more incredible flight tests and flying stories and of course aviation news: http://www.looptv.aero

Радиоуправляемый самолёт-амфибия копия настоящего гидроплана ICON A5. Отличная проработка деталей, технически безупречная модель.
http://on.fb.me/flCQpp First test flight of the ICON A5 amphibious sport plane. ICON's team of engineers conducted the full-scale prototype flight on July 9, 2008 in California. Visit www.iconaircraft.com for more.
http://on.fb.me/flCQpp Introducing the ICON A5 and its revolutionary folding wings design. For more information, visit www.iconaircraft.com.
http://on.fb.me/flCQpp Flight video taken during the ICON A5's successful Phase I flight test campaign
http://www.tropicallifestyle.com/icon-a5-amphibious-plane.html The Icon A5 is an incredible new "consumer recreational aircraft" that will make the dream of flying a reality for many adventurous spirits.

Detailed look at the manual wingfold system, standard on the ICON A5.

Презентационный ролик
http://on.fb.me/flCQpp A time lapse video showing the final assembly and construction of the prototype ICON A5 amphibious sport plane.

This is a new plane designed to cater for the new sport pilot lisence in America
Five leading aviation journalists flew the ICON A5 for the first time at the plane’s official press launch at Lake Berryessa, CA. Here are their first impressions.
A new category of aircraft known as Lt. Sport with new licensing requirements designed to bring the love and joy of flying to a much bigger audience. Flight controls redesigned and simplified to be less intimidating and more user friendly. Designed to fly off both water and land this vehicle brings a whole new accessibility to the world of flying. Find out more at http://iconaircraft.com .
Самолет ICON A5- двухместный спортивный самолет-амфибия, способный развивать скорость до 193 км/ч, покрывая расстояния до 300 морских миль без дозаправки. Имеет складные крылья и автоматические шасси, которые, к слову, можно полностью убрать, превращая самолет в модель исключительно для водного использования. Двигатель ICON A5 отличает его способность работать как на авиационном, так и на обычном автомобильном топливе.

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The Icon A5 Sport Plane Carves a New Niche in the World of Flying
Glitch in Disguise

A look at the functionality of the A5's retractable landing gear, which is designed to accommodate landing on both land and water.

Flight control features like lightweight carbon fiber push rods and adjustable rudder pedals are highlighted here.

http://www.sportaviationmagazine.com – ICON A5, Icon Aircraft Pilot Report and A 5 Aircraft Review. Dan Johnson take us for a ride in the ICON A5, from Icon Aircraft.

Shows like Sebring and Midwest LSA Expo are known for being great places to demo fly a Light-Sport or light kit you may be considering to buy. They earned that reputation because it is typically much easier to fly at those lower-key, less crowded events than at giant shows like AirVenture. However, some companies make demo flying a mission at
Part of a ICON demo flight that I got to take at the 2015 EAA AirVenture 2015 airshow. The A5 really is an amazing plane. The video was taken on Lake Winnebago just south of the EAA sea plane port. ICON had two planes on the lake giving rides to existing customers who have placed deposits on planes. This plane really is a heck of a lot of fun and handles really well. Now if they will just mate it with the newly announced ROTAX 915iS Turbocharged engine at 136 HP, well, WOW! There is a second part to this at
Icon A5 amphibious demonstration at Oshkosh AirVenture.

On the heels of a successful FAA audit, ICON CEO and Founder Kirk Hawkins delivered the first production A5 to aerobatic pilot and EAA Young Eagles Chairman Sean D. Tucker at EAA AirVenture on July 20, 2015.

http://www.sportaviationmagazine.com - Light Sport Aircraft, Ultralight Aircraft, Video Magazine - ICON Aircraft, ICON A5 spin resistant amphibious light-sport-aircraft. We talk to the folks from ICON Aircraft about their new wing, and an update on the production schedule for the ICON A5. Help support The Ultralight Flyer light sport and ultralight flying video magazine by subscribing or donating to the cause at http://www.ultralightflyer.com

An inside look at the unique features and functions of the A5's engine and fueling systems.

Icon aircraft demonstration flight of the A5 during Airventure 2015.

A new FAA regulation was created to encourage more people to fly planes. Icon is hoping those new pilots will be doing so in their new seaplane, the A5.

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A profile of the Icon A5 light sport aircraft, produced in Southern California by Icon Aircraft.
Icon A5 at Factory Headquarters in Vacaville/Lake Berryessa, CA
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http://www.sportaviationmagazine.com - Dan Johnson and the Light Sport & Ultralight Flyer take a look at the ICON A5 from ICON Aircraft during E.A.A. Airventure 2010.
For the latest on ICON! http://youtu.be/XP3iTZ26qos for the latest on ICON!

GTA 5 мод Icon A5 sport (катер-самолет)
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The first production ICON A5, Engineering Serial Number 1 (ESN-1) was flown for the first time on 7 July 2014. ESN-1 is the first A5 built using production tooling, methods, and components. The ICON team poured their hearts and souls into bringing the A5 to life, and ESN-1 is the culmination of years of research, design, engineering, and manufacturing work. The company is now looking toward to FAA approval. The first customer delivery will occur in 2015.
ICON Aircraft's Angle of Attack (AoA) gauge delivers a clear indication of wing performance using an easy-to-read interface. With AoA, pilots are provided a clear, visual representation of the plane's stall margin. AoA is rare in small planes but standard on the ICON A5. Along with its Spin-Resistant Airframe and available Complete Aircraft Parachute, the A5's AoA system is one of many ways ICON intends to make aviation safer, more intuitive, and more fun.
The ICON team recently traveled to New York City to introduce the A5 to some of the world’s leading business and lifestyle publications. ICON pilots demonstrated the A5’s capabilities with a flight profile that included takeoffs and landings on the Hudson River, stunning views of the New York skyline, a lap around the Statue of Liberty, and a loop around Lower Manhattan. ICON’s New York visit also gave A5 position holders the opportunity to experience the A5, offering an unforgettable flight against one of
Сверхлегкий гидросамолет ICON A5 серийно стал выпускаться в 2015 году. Сразу модель получила несколько наград за новаторство и идейные задумки в дизайне самолета.

Сегодня мы запускаем в небо копию данного гидроплана ICON A5. Эта радиоуправляемая модель заводского изготовления. Есть задумка собрать такой же гидросамолет своими руками и сравнить, какая модель летает лучше.

Идея есть! Будет и результат! А сейчас насладимся полетом гидросамолета ICON A5


Этот канал для т
«Домашний» самолёт Icon A5 – складывается, перевозится на трейлере, может взлетать с воды и с земли. Вот уж точно почувствуешь себя Джеймсом Бондом.
ICON is proud to announce that the A5 will be the first production aircraft in history to be designed to and completely meet the Federal Aviation Administration's full-envelope Part 23 spin-resistance standards once production starts (although it is not a Part 23 certified aircraft). This is a tremendous safety advancement that can significantly reduce the number of loss-of-control accidents resulting from stall/spin scenarios, which are the most significant cause of fatal General Aviation accidents.
Этот видео ролик о маленьком самолёте амфибии ICON A5,и о применении новых технологий в его строительстве.

Спасибо что смотрите наш канал.Приятного вам просмотра.

For a quarter million dollars, and fewer training hours than are required to pilot most planes, you can take off in this two-seat hybrid seaplane. It's almost too easy -- and the founders of Icon Aircraft are betting that flying-for-fun will be a new growth sector for the private aviation market. (video by Zach Goldstein, Ambrose Eng, Ryo Ikegami) (Source: Bloomberg, Icon Aircraft)

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Bloomberg Television offers extensive coverage and an
For years we've been promised flying cars and for years we've been disappointed. The ICON A5, with its folding wings, may be the closest thing yet. WIRED writer Tim Moynihan goes for a ride in the A5 over New York City.

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Icon A5 – это гидросамолет, сделанный из углеродного волокна. Он может садиться как на воду, так и на землю, а если что-то пойдет не так – пилот в любой момент может выпустить огромный парашют и плавно опуститься на землю
После восстановительных и модернизированных работ.
хочу такой! ....на День Рождения!!!!... :)
Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2009/10/01/Kirk_Hawkins__Steen_Strand_on_Designing_the_ICON_A5

Steen Strand and Kirk Hawkins, founders of ICON Aircraft, describe the features of their groundbreaking A5 light-sport aircraft. They show video demonstrating the personal aircraft handles more like a Jet Ski than a Cessna.

Two short videos introducing the icon a5 and all the fun memories you can enjoy!!

Took out the Icon to Green Lake for some more test flying. Amazingly smooth water, and a fun time. Enjoy!