IAMX »bernadette«: IAMX – Bernadette, IAMX - Bernadette, IAMX - Bernadette Official Video - Extraordinary camera shift technique, IAMX - Bernadette (Official

IAMX »bernadette«

First shift technique video using ten Canon 5d II.

director: a nice idea every day
ad: claire kurylowski
dop: julia franken
production: daniela höller
unit manager: bastian seitz

camera--assitant1: benjamin wistorf
camera--assitant2: christoph hüttner
dit: matthias hecht

lighting: berta valin
model: nicole roscher / seeds
styling: stiina huhtanen
make--up: carina wittmann
IAMX — сольный проект Криса Корнера, лидера популярной британской группы 90-х Sneaker Pimps. Лирика текстов посвящена таким неоднозначным темам как декадентское мировоззрение, отчуждение, религия и секс, так же присутствуют аллюзии на политические темы. Корнер живет в Берлине, где, как он считает, «дух музыки свободен от рамок индустрии и может следовать своим, независимым путем».
удивили наличием немецкой версии
клип этот круче, а песня в оригинале)
electronic, dark electro
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10 камер, выставленных в ряд, создают эффект 3D.
Премьера видеоклипа Криса Корнера, более известного как IAMX,основателя популярной британской группы 90-х Sneaker Pimps.
The video of "Bernadette" by IAMX alias Chris Corner from the record "Volatile Times" (2011)
*This video isn't owned by me and I don't hold any rights on it!*

All rights belong to their respectful owners, I do not own anything.

Movie: "V for Vendetta" by James McTeigue

Characters - V, Evey Hammond

Music - IAMX - Bernadette
I do not own the music playing in anyway, shape or form. It is copyright to IamX.

This is a mostly choreographed performance.
Inspired by the thoughts of running away to join the circus, or perhaps a carnivalle.... The dreams of the young at heart. Yet what keeps us from our dreams? Is it ourselves, or the masks we wear? Contemplate and see, maybe lend a thought, as to what holds you back from your dreams....

Venue is The Sunset Room located in beautiful Victoria, Bc, this performance was for the LUSH E

by Николай Кац
IAMX - Bernadette (Live in Athens 8/5/2011)

Live @ Gagarin 205

Artist: IAMX (http://iamx.eu/)
Song: Bernadette (Download the single at http://www.iamx.eu/bernadette.html)
Album: Volatile Times (2011)


Film: Il Portiere Di Notte (The Night Porter) / 1974
Director: Liliana Cavani
From Brand New Second Single of IAMX "Bernadette" off of "Volatile Times" in 2011.
Live in Prague, 22.10.2010
From Bernadette Single :D

petit bout de la chanson " bernadette" que chris à chanté pour faire plaisir au public présent dans la salle..... Un concert incroyable......
Sacré chris corner, malgré son attèle au pied.....à assuré le show comme un chef !!!

Volatile times 2011

Report and pics of this concert on :


All about IAMX : www.iamx.eu

Recorded by :


IAMX en concert au Cabaret Sauvage
I was listening to the German version of Bernadette one time, and suddenly got the impulse to make a version of it mixed in with the English one, so I just went for it. I had a lot of fun with this, and think it came out decently :)

The video is occasionally out of sync with the lyrics for obvious reasons (the German version is longer than the English one), but it's not that noticeable past 1:30 or so.

All credit goes to IAMX for the original songs, of course. No copyright infringement intended, fair use,

Пожалуй на дойче нравится даже больше чем оригинал!
october 30, 2015, webster hall, nyc
october 30, 2015, webster hall, nyc
Watch the English version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyEaHN7QKik
Download the single at http://www.iamx.eu/bernadette.html

Raoul Le Pennec reprend le nouveau morceau "Bernadette" du groupe dark IAMX, dans une version clavier/voix épurée.

by Александр Фелактов

Как бы без эффектов, типа оригинал.
London, KOKO, 09.11.15
Filmed by: IAMX Tour Corner, TenderHool Amnistia1620
Edited by me
(Contains excerpts from "Bernadette" Official Video Directed by "a nice idea every day" - www.aniceideaeveryday.com)

More: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=C37890029D29C63E
IAMX live @ Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin on 14th April 2011.
This is a non-profit fan video. For professional official stuff please visit the sites above.

German lyrics by Christopher Anthony Corner:

Ich und du sind im Spielhaus,
leben unter Schleiern,
wir gehen hier nie wieder raus.
Nostalgie bringt nicht Freud' noch Fried'.
Wir sind
Записала где-то в 2013 году, я не профи. Играла на слух, без нот.
Клавиши: Fame G2000
IAMX live at KENFM 10.4.2011

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