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I Want That Man

written and produced by former Thompson Twins members, Alannah Currie and Tom Bailey
CD Def, Dumb & Blonde 1989
This amazing Platinum Blonde performs her 1989 hit single on the Top Of The Pops Studio live that same year on October. Her graceful movements and charima make her shine as always...
Here is Debbie Harry performing "I Want That Man".

This song was written produced by The Thompson Twins. Taken from her solo album.... "Def, Dumb Blonde".<br/><br/>
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This was part of a live Roller Derby show in 89'. What an outfit, what a girl, what a turn-on!!!
Debbie Harry on TOTP in 1989 with I Want That Man.

Personally, I think this remix is better than the original. Love you Debbie!
"I Want That Man" is a 1989 song recorded by the American singer Deborah Harry. The song was released as the first single from her third solo album, Def, Dumb and Blonde and was the first record Harry released in which she reverted to using Deborah as her name instead of Debbie.
Deborah Harry ex Blondie - I want that man - Peters Popshow - 1989